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Calanova Golf Club - Second Nine Holes

Updated: Apr 28

Calanova Golf Club, Costa del Sol, España

Continuing with the previous article about the Calonova golf course, we now review the last nine holes below.


Calanova Golf will provide a first class golfing experience no matter your handicap, skills or expectations. Set in the hills and mountains that surround the Mijas Golf Valley and looking down on La Cala de Mijas village, Calanova golf enjoys a beautiful setting complete with fabulous views across the valley and the Mediterranean Sea. 

Calanova Golf at first sight can look hopelessly narrow. In fact that is not the case, the fairways are generous with only the worst tee shots being punished. This golf course will suit those that prefer to play attacking golf and will surely reward those players that can play a more strategic game. Both high handicap players and skilled players will enjoy this beautifully presented golf course.



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Calanova Golf Second Nine Holes

Hole 10 Par 4 Stroke Index 6 White Tees 455m Yellow Tees 405m Blue Tees 406m Red Tees 309m

Calanova Golf Club, Costa del Sol, España

The first hole of the back is another birdie chance par 5. It is the opposite of the ninth in that it plays as severely downhill as the previous hole plays uphill, yet it too demands two great shots to dominate it. The fairway, at least for me, is difficult to hit. Below and on your left runs the ninth fairway separated by that steep fluffy bank from which a good escape is all but impossible.

On the right of the tee box is a lake which really should not come into play, yet the presence of the trouble on the left seems to cause sudden swing aberrations in many seasoned players causing horribly mishit drives to dive in. Beyond the lake is a bank which rises steeply in a stony barren protuberance making progress to the fairway difficult, The best drives  will start on a line along the right side of the fairway. The terrain will jiggle the ball back to the centre line, and the downhill profile will give your drive DeChambeau-like length.

Only if you find the fairway will you have any chance of making par or better. The access to the green is open, but again we have an exposed green with no  room on either side or over the back. The shot into the green must be precise for both line and length in order to avoid disaster.  The only miss available to you with your second shot is to leave it short. It is only worth attacking with your second shot if your iron is short enough that hitting the green is a certainty. Long hitters might only need a wedge for their second shot, but it needs to be a perfect wedge!

This is a real birdie chance, yet, with a minute of inattention the hole will bite you severely in the scorecard! 

Hole 11 Par 4 Stroke Index 4 White Tees 386m Yellow Tees 349m Blue Tees  317m Red Tees 286m

Calanova Golf Club, Costa del Sol, España

A short drive from the tenth green under the motorway bridge to the 11th tee. What a cracking hole we find in front of us. A long, slender par 4 where the fairway is cut into a ledge in the hillside. On the left the terrain falls away down the hillside with the out of bounds markers only 15m from the centre line of the fairway. On the right the hillside climbs above the fairway marked with red stakes. The fairway is a narrow target. A line of bunkers on the left will save some lucky golfers from falling off the golf course. A long straight drive is the only shot that will suffice from this tee. The intimidating narrow fairway makes it difficult to summon your best swing. If your drive finds the fairway you are still faced with a daunting task, to hit another rifle straight shot toward the green elevated far above you. The red stakes on the right persist for the length of the hole, the trouble on the left eases a little giving a little more room around the green. The green itself is a masterpiece of Machiavellian design with severe slopes and undulations which make it imperative to get your approach shot close or run the risk of four putts.

Hole 12 Par 4 Stroke Index 18 White Tees 251m Yellow Tees 251m Blue Tees 241m Red Tees 222m

Calanova Golf Club, Costa del Sol, España

A driveable par 4 running slightly uphill with trouble on the left, and plenty of room on the right. A blast with a driver or a screaming 3 wood will get most players to the green. The target itself is small but the banking that surrounds the green will also gather your ball and send it towards the short grass.

The green itself is deeply contoured meaning that 2 putts are far from guaranteed. This is the easiest hole on the golf course, but can still frustrate your ambitions

Hole 13 Par 3 Stroke Index 12 White Tees 150m Yellow Tees 150m Blue Tees 141m Red Tees 123m

Calanova Golf Club, Costa del Sol, España

 A straightforward par three that offers the chance to repair your score card. The green is surrounded by small mounds and seems to help to keep the ball captive, the green is large with no pressing danger around the periphery. One good swing will put you in the centre of the green giving you the chance for a stabilizing par or better.

Hole 14 Par 5 Stroke Index 2 White Tees 528m Yellow Tees 528m Blue Tees 458m Red Tees 427m

Calanova Golf Club, Costa del Sol, España

This is a tough par five, make no bones about it, if you walk off this green with a par your playing partners should automatically buy you a beer!

It's a dog leg left running around the mountain and significantly uphill towards the green. The cart path runs along the left side. Your ideal line is as close to the cart path as you dare. Anything that goes left will be lost on the mountain side. The fairway is cut into the mountainside , if you miss on the right your ball will pass the line of red stakes and fall off the side!

A similarly tough second shot awaits presenting the same difficulty. because of the elevation your third shot will be longer than you might expect into a small target, in this case a shallow but wide green. This is one of the toughest par 5’s I have ever played.

Hole 15 Par 4 Stroke Index 8 White Tees 291m Yellow Tees 291m Blue Tees 284m Red Tees 264m

Calanova Golf Club, Costa del Sol, España

This is a technical par four that requires some thought to select the right tee shot. The hillside looms on the left side just over the cart path. From the tee box your tee shot has to carry over a chasm which extends along the right side of the hole making the tee shot of the utmost importance.

The fairway narrows to a pinch point of just a few paces across at 180 from the tee. Marked by a set of bunkers on the right edge of the fairway and the cart path on the left, the sensible tee shot will find its way to the fat of the fairway before this narrow squeeze. From the fairway the green a slightly below you, with short iron in hand it is easy to attack the pin and claim another par.

Hole 16 Par 4 Stroke Index 10 White Tees 374m Yellow Tees 374m Blue Tees 340m Red Tees 332m

Calanova Golf Club, Costa del Sol, España

This par 4 with its saddle shaped fairway running downhill makes the drive an inviting prospect. Although narrow, the rising sides of the fairway will help keep your ball on the short grass. The best line is on the right half of the fairway and the best strategy is to give it a mighty lash in order to devour as much of the 372m as possible in one go! 

Hole 17 Par 3 Stroke Index 16 White Tees 146m Yellow Tees 146m Blue Tees 137m Red Tees 111m

Calanova Golf Club, Costa del Sol, España

This par three is deceptively difficult. Whilst modest in length, the elevation from tee to green makes club selection difficult. Often the pin is tucked away on the back left which is a small plateau and very hard to get at. Today's pin is front right which makes the tee shot easier, but the pronounced slope of the green makes securing 2 putts a mind focussing effort!

Hole 18 Par 5 Stroke Index 14 White Tees 404m Yellow Tees 380m Blue Tees 296m Red Tees 320m

Calanova Golf Club, Costa del Sol, España

The tee box is set above the valley. From the valley bottom the fairway climbs high to reach the green. On the right is a lake far below the fairway , on the left is a huge and inviting fairway. The line is at the cart path where it traverses the fairway. You need to hit it as far up the fairway as you can in order to mitigate the difficulty of the second shot. 

The incline from the fairway to the green is severe which makes choosing the right club very difficult. A large bunker is set in the bank that defends the front of the green. On no account visit that bunker, it will spell disaster for your score! 

This is a tough finishing hole. Bogey here is more than acceptable, recording a par is something to rejoice over!


I have enjoyed Calanova on many occasions. On each of those occasions my playing partners have felt the same. This is a very good golf course that is presented in excellent condition. It tests every part of your game, including your brain! It is never unfair. It gives players of all standards the opportunity to play great golf and build a great score. I highly recommend Calanova Golf on your next golf holiday to the Costa del Sol.

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