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Calanova Golf Club - First Nine Holes

Updated: Apr 28

Calanova Golf Club, Costa del Sol, España


Calanova Golf will provide a first class golfing experience no matter your handicap, skills or expectations. Set in the hills and mountains that surround the Mijas Golf Valley and looking down on La Cala de Mijas village, Calanova golf enjoys a beautiful setting complete with fabulous views across the valley and the Mediterranean Sea. 

Calanova Golf at first sight can look hopelessly narrow. In fact that is not the case, the fairways are generous with only the worst tee shots being punished. This golf course will suit those that prefer to play attacking golf and will surely reward those players that can play a more strategic game. Both high handicap players and skilled players will enjoy this beautifully presented golf course.



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Calanova Golf Club

White Tees 5866m Yellow Tees 5773m Blue Tees 5372m Red Tees 4941m

Calanova Golf First Nine Holes

Hole 1 Par 5 Stroke Index 9 White Tees 487m Yellow Tees 487m Blue Tees 456m Red Tees 434m

Calanova Golf Club, Costa del Sol, España

The first tee is located close to the clubhouse and is just a few metres from the buggy master. This is a challenging par 5, which, if fortune goes your way, can give you a flying start to the round, or if fate conspires against you simply mark a double bogey on your scorecard and enjoy the stunning view across the Mediterranean  Sea. 

The first tee is sited upon the highest point of the golf course. The fairway runs steeply away from you with a large but non threatening lake just in front of the tee box on the right side. 

The hole is a downhill dog leg to the left with terminal obstacles all along the left side making it a treacherous tee shot and second shot. The driving range poses a threat to tee shots that try to cut the corner. Out of bounds. The best line to choose is at the bunkers on the right side of the fairway. Long hitters can reach the green with a hybrid or even a mid iron. The risk is that the green is a small target with nothing around it to receive your ball. If you miss the green on the left or right nothing good is going to happen to you. The prudent golfer will hit something 210m with the tee shot, a short iron lay up and then attack the pin with  their favored wedge. Far more birdies will be recorded with guile rather than brute force.


Hole 2 Par 4 Stroke Index 5 White Tees 350m Yellow Tees 327m Blue Tees 315m Red Tees 301m

Calanova Golf Club, Costa del Sol, España

A clever hole that will test both strategy and ball striking. The hole is a dog leg to the right climbing from the tee box all the way to the green. The right side of the dogleg is a hill festooned with the natural flora of the region. The quixotic golfers amongst us may be tempted to drive over the hill side and take on the challenge of reaching the green. Don’t. Again this green is an isolated promontory with nothing around it to support errant shots. 

The preferred tee shot is towards the corner of the dog leg, keeping to the left side of the fairway. The shot into the green is made more difficult by the elevation which causes many players to fall short. Hit your tee shot as far up the hill as you can and add two clubs to your second shot. The green has a large Macenzie style step running across its centre making the back of the green higher than the front. If you want to make a par here then make sure to take enough club to get yourself above the pin.

Hole 3 Par 4 Stroke Index 13 White Tees 327m Yellow Tees 327m Blue Tees 303m Red Tees 276m

Calanova Golf Club, Costa del Sol, España

A large barranca full of nastiness runs in front  of the green and commands your full attention!  There will be no thoughts of driving this short par 4. The green is tucked away beyond that barranca high on the left side cut into a hill. The hillside rising above the left of the green provides a safe haven for timid approach shots. If you miss the green on the right side you will have a dreadfully difficult chip back up to the putting surface.

The ideal tee shot will be 180m up the centre line of the fairway leaving you with a short iron up to the green. Do not be short and do not miss to the right!

Hole 4 Par 4 Stroke Index 11 White Tees 311m Yellow Tees 311m Blue Tees 302m Red Tees 278m

Calanova Golf Club, Costa del Sol, España

This downhill dog leg right is a real birdie chance. Despite the danger on view from the tee this is worth taking a risk with your tee shot to chase that bird!

The high tee box looks down on the green 40m below you. The direct line of flight takes you over a huge ravine filled with brush and rocks from which no golfer will emerge. The safe line is to the left, hitting a mid iron to the highpoint of the fairway leaving a short iron into a tiny green. The fairway cascades down towards the green from the safe plateau making the final 120m very steep. If you play a safe tee shot but miss the flat part of the fairway you risk leaving yourself an awkward downhill lay. Your tee shot options are either to play very conservatively or go for the green.

If you go for the green you have no room to miss short or to the right. There is bailout room to the left, although the pitch shot from the left does require a deft touch.

In my experience of playing this hole far more birdies come from brave rather than safe tee shots here. This short innocuous looking hole is a masterpiece of risk and reward.

Hole 5 Par 4 Stroke Index 1 White Tees 424m Yellow Tees 368m Blue Tees 346m Red Tees 320m

Calanova Golf Club, Costa del Sol, España

A tough dog leg par 4, please note, no buggies on the fairway on this hole. All the trouble is on the left, a big mound that you play around rising on the left. The temptation is to cut the corner with your tee shot. Every time I have tried it I have failed, just don't do it!

Play safe up the middle of the fairway and leave yourself a reasonable shot in. This hole does require an intelligent tee shot, so far I have not managed it - ever.

Playing uphill  all the way this Stroke 1 hole plays longer than it looks and deserves its “toughest hole on the golf course” status.

Hole 6 Par 3 Stroke Index 7 White Tees 163m Yellow Tees 163m Blue Tees 156m Red Tees 134m

Calanova Golf Club, Costa del Sol, España

A downhill par 3 of modest proportions.The pin today is 160m which plays like 140m thanks to the slope. Water resides on the right and requires a truly hopeless effort to find it. A small green with a bunker on the left with a series of swales around it forming a miniature amphitheater. This is a pretty par 3  that can be largely overcome with a well struck tee shot.

Hole 7 Par 4 Stroke Index 15 White Tees 339m Yellow Tees 339m Blue Tees 315m Red Tees 292m

Calanova Golf Club, Costa del Sol, España

A long, straight par 4. The direct line to the pin takes you close to the left edge of the fairway which is worryingly close to the out of bounds which sits just on the left side of the cart path.

Aim your tee shot at the bunkers on the right. The right side of the fairway is raised in a series of hillocks and knolls, there is plenty of room over there. The only bad tee shot is one that deviates to the left.

Hole 8 Par 3 Stroke Index 17 White Tees 146m Yellow Tees 146m Blue Tees 130m Red Tees 120m

Calanova Golf Club, Costa del Sol, España

The prevailing wind on this short, downhill par 3 means that many players take advantage of the wide fairway short of the green. The low point of the hole arrives 40m short of the green whereupon it rises quite steeply to the green.  Chipping up to an elevated green is never a delectable prospect making it frustratingly easy to drop a shot..  The smart players will play for the banking at the bank and spin back to the centre. This is a shallow but very wide green, distance control is rewarded with a birdie putt and (hopefully) a certain par on a hole where many will drop a shot.

Hole 9 Par 5 Stroke Index 3 White Tees 434m Yellow Tees 434m Blue Tees 430m Red Tees 355m

Calanova Golf Club, Costa del Sol, España

We are playing this awkward par five from the front tee today which brings the green tantalizingly close and a strong chance of a birdie. There are two tough challenges on this hole, the tee shot and the second shot. Both are fraught with danger.

On the right side of the fairway is a long slender bunker which catches a lot of tee shots. Right of the bunker is a ravine marked with red stakes. Missing the fairway on the right is going to cost you dearly. On the left of the fairway the rough is formed into a steep bank angled at 45 degrees rising several metres up to the tenth fairway. The ideal drive will be a powerful blow as far up the left half of the fairway as you can manage.

The fairway runs steeply uphill for its entire length and only flattens when the green is reached. The hazard on the right side runs the full length of the hole as does the severe banking on the left.

A good drive will give the longer hitters a chance of reaching the green, although the elevation to the green requires three more clubs than you might think. The green is slender, long and runs uphill to the back making it difficult to get the ball back to the pin with approach shots. This is a great hole and will reward good ball striking with a real birdie opportunity.



I have enjoyed Calanova on many occasions. On each of those occasions my playing partners have felt the same. This is a very good golf course that is presented in excellent condition. It tests every part of your game, including your brain! It is never unfair. It gives players of all standards the opportunity to play great golf and build a great score. I highly recommend Calanova Golf on your next golf holiday to the Costa del Sol.

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