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Affordable Golf Holiday Packages in Fuengirola for Beginners

Updated: Feb 5

If you are looking for affordable golf holiday packages in Fuengirola for beginners, then you have arrived at the right place. Why is Fuengirola good for golf and especially good for beginners or those with a high handicap? 

Mijas Golf

Very simple. The golf courses want you to have a great time, they want you to finish your round of golf and feel excited, delighted and satisfied! They do not want you feeling like the golf course beat you up!

To those ends the choices you have for golf in Fuengirola are outstanding. There are golf courses that host tournaments and will beat the best players, there are senior friendly golf courses, nine hole courses, par three courses and everything in between. The best courses are those that can do everything, challenge the best players and make mere mortals walk off the 18th green with a big smile!

Packages of 3 Nights and 2 Rounds of golf start from 180 Euros! Click here to enquire.

The golf courses that will give beginners or high handicap golfers a great time:

Mijas Golf

Mijas Golf is golfing heaven. There are two golf courses at Mijas Golf, Los Lagos and Los Olivos, each are outstanding and yet very different. 

Mijas Golf is an 8 minutes car ride from Fuengirola and therefore is the ideal golf course to add to your itinerary. Designed in 1976 by the legendary Robert Trent Jones organization both courses adhere to the design principle that makes all great golf courses, every hole is designed to be hard par and easy bogey.

Los Lagos has huge wide fairways that gently undulate as they lead to equally large sculpted greens. Lakes come in to play on 10 holes and give the course its name. From the championship tee this golf course is a beast and too tough for most players. From the Yellow, Blue or Red tees it will provide an experience that cannot be beaten. As always, in order to get the best out of yourself and have the most positive experience on the golf course it is important to choose the correct tee box for your game. If you drive the ball 230m (250 yards) then you will enjoy playing from the back tees. A drive of 200m to 230m means that the Yellow tee boxes will be a fair test, 170m to 200m and you will have a happy time from the Blue tee boxes. If your tee shot does not quite reach 170m then the Red tees will be great. By choosing the correct tee box you give yourself more chance of hitting the green in regulation which means you are playing the golf course exactly as Trent Jones intended it to be played.

The condition and presentation of both Mijas golf courses is outstanding, Los Lagos is my personal favourite and I urge you to try it!

mijas golf pro shop
Mijas Golf Pro shop

The Los Olivos course, whilst very different in layout and appearance, shares that common design thread of hard par, easy bogey. Los Olivos is shorter than Los Lagos, the fairways are a little narrower although still easy to hit and the greens are smaller, often elevated and tough to hit. Los Olivos requires finesse whereas Los Lagos will reward those who play aggressively.

Los Olivos derives its name from the ancient Olive trees that line many of the fairways. It is a very pretty golf course and is the favourite of most visitors.

Santana Golf

This is another cracking golf course designed to make you happy! It is not brutally long, many of the fairways are saucer shaped which really helps to keep you on the straight and narrow. The greens and bunkers are fabulous, in fact the overall condition of Santana Golf is excellent.

Again playing from the tee box that allows you to reach the par 4 holes in two strokes is the key to having a fabulous day. Santana Golf is situated within an old Avocado farm, many of the trees still line the fairways and in season you are very welcome to harvest a few!

Santana is another exceedingly pretty golf course, rather like a garden of Eden, it has a tranquillity and serenity which adds to the experience. The hospitality team at Santana Golf will make your golf experience equally as good as your golf experience. The informal cubhouse is the perfect spot for a few beers and lunch after your game.

Calanova Golf

Not an easy golf course. The fairways are reasonably wide, so in most cases driving the ball is not the issue. However if, like me, you can be a little wayward, more than 30m offline then some of your drives will miss the fairway and probably disappear into the thick dense, red staked gorse that runs either side of most holes. The best method to have a good day here is to play from the green back to the tee! Try and leave your tee shot at whatever your favourite distance is onto the green. If your favourite wedge flys 100m then aim to leave your shot into the green from 100m. If you do that then you can calculate if you need to hit a driver or not. If you can hit some hybrids off the tee then you will find more fairways, you will leave yourself more of the lovely wedge shots and you will have an amazing day!

The golf course is set in stunningly beautiful surroundings, so beautiful in fact that one could argue that the golf really does not matter! The views from the golf course and the clubhouse cannot be bettered. You are given a vast panorama across the Mijas Golf Valley over the expanse of the Mediterranean Sea and on a clear day you have a clear view of the mountain ranges in North Africa!

mijas calanova campo de golf pro shop
Calanova Golf Pro shop

The clubhouse and restaurant at Calanova are very special, the food and service both excellent, and of course the clubhouse is home to Europe’s biggest golf shop. Go and take a look!

Cerrado del Aguila

If 18 holes is too daunting, or maybe you want a quick game then the nine hole course at Cerrado del Aguila is the one to play.

Cerrado del Aguila Golf course mijas
Cerrado del Aguila Golf course

Set high on the hillside overlooking Las Lagunas and Fuengirola, Cerrado offers some cracking views. The golf course is very good. It is nine holes but

It is not a compromise. Two of the par fives are monsters and will prove difficult. The par threes are easily reachable but make you think and the par 4 holes give an opportunity to score.

This is a first class golf course and is ideal for high handicappers and beginners.

Advantages of the affordable golf holiday packages in Fuengirola for beginners:

  1. Lots of hotels of differing prices

  2. Restaurants and bars to choose from

  3. Rest day activities

  4. In easy reach of beginner friendly golf courses

  5. Prices from 180 euros for three nights and 2 rounds of golf.


There are a huge variety of hotels in Fuengirola to choose from. We have researched thoroughly and recommend the following:

3 Star

  1. Apart Hotel Myramar

  2. Apart Hotel Cordial Mijas Golf

  3. Apart Hotel Stella Maris

4 Star

  1. Occidental Fuengirola

  2. PYR Fuengirola

  3. Hotel Ilunion

5 Star

  1. La Zambra

  2. El Higueron


By booking one of our affordable golf holiday packages in Fuengirola for beginners you will benefit of great preferential prices and discounted tee times.

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