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Playing Guide and Review of Mijas Golf Los Lagos

Updated: Mar 1

Last updated: October 2020

Designed by Robert Trent Jones and opened in 1976, Mijas Golf is one of the premier Costa del Sol golf courses. The management team are vastly experienced and extremely hospitable. All of this combines to create a thoroughly pleasant experience for both visiting and local golfers, making Mijas Golf a sought after holiday destination for those looking to enjoy golf on Costa del Sol.

Comprising of 36 holes we will focus on the older of the two Mijas Golf courses, Los Lagos. You can read about Los Olivos by clicking here.

As you approach the front gate, you are met by a landmark ornamental golf buggy and player set in the centre of the traffic island. Entering through stone pillars the winding avenue takes you past the 6th fairway on your right, whilst on your left, you will see the iconic giant golf ball that adorns the bridge crossing to the 11th tee. Already the sense of occasion is building. You know that you are in for a special day of golf!

The avenue continues to divide the front and back nines of Los Lagos until you reach the Starters Hut. Turn left here and drive to the main car park.

The Pro Shop is situated opposite the clubhouse where you will find the Caddy Masters ready to welcome you and issue your green-fee tickets. As a result of the current Coronavirus, an automated system will take your temperature as you enter the Pro Shop and you will be invited to disinfect your hands. In the pro shop, a mask is compulsory.

The clubhouse re-opened on the 5th October having been on lockdown since mid-March. Jesus and the team serve excellent food in a beautiful setting and are always ready with a warm welcome. Collect your golf cart from the buggy master and head up the concrete cart path to the Starters Hut. There you will find the team who ensure that the golf course runs smoothly. Cristobal, German, Antonio and Rafael have been keeping play moving for more than a century if you add up their combined years of service!

The driving range operates on tokens which you buy from the Starters. The mats are always in good condition and are frequently replaced, as are the range balls. At 80 meters wide and 300 metres long, the driving range is the perfect way to loosen up and build that perfect swing. Behind the range mats is the chipping and bunker practise area, and of course you cannot miss the putting green – it is huge!

As you drive past the putting green you will see the halfway house which sits on the back of the 12th green, and directly between the 9th green and 10th tee. I find that Magners cider does for my golf what Spinach does for Popeye. My advice is to always grab a beer half way round!

Mijas Golf Los Lagos Costa del Sol gof course review Andalusia Spain golf holidays


Located in the heart of the Mijas Golf valley between the coastal town of Fuengirola and the mountain village of Mijas Pueblo, Mijas Golf is centrally located to suit golfers staying anywhere on the Costa del Sol from Estepona (45 minutes) to Malaga (20 minutes).


  1. Open and covered driving range

  2. Club washing area

  3. Compressed air for cleaning shoes and bags

  4. Short game area

  5. Practise Bunker

  6. Putting green

  7. Cafe with terrace at halfway point

  8. Club repairs

  9. Club rental

  10. Powakaddy rental with GPS


  1. Pro shop

  2. Changing room with showers and complimentary towels

  3. Club room for members

  4. Ranch style clubhouse with function rooms

  5. Covered terrace

  6. Open terrace

  7. Snack menu

  8. A la Carte Menu


Mijas Golf represents incredible value. Los Lagos is a breathtakingly good golf course always in pristine condition. A first-class facility and mid-range prices!

Check out the current green fee rates and offers here.

First nine Holes Mijas Golf Los Lagos:

Mijas Golf Los Lagos 1st Hole:

Stroke 9, Par 5 White tee 509, Yellow Tees 499, Blue Tees 471m, Red tees 448m

Mijas Golf Los Lagos Costa del Sol gof course review Andalusia Spain golf holidays

From the White (professional) tees it measures 509 metres, the Yellows, Blues and Reds vary in set up day by day and usually play a little shorter.

It is a dogleg left lined with beautiful villas, out of bounds on the left, this will not trouble you unless you hit a stinker! The fairway is huge with the right edge protected by a bunker, for most people the bunker is out of range. The ideal line is as close to the left edge of the fairway as possible. Big hitters will carry the corner and have a chance of getting up in 2. For the rest of us mortals, keeping it on the fairway is essential.

The rough on Los Lagos is not long, maybe 5 centimetres, your ball is always easy to find, but this rough is treacherous. It will grab your club and make a good recovery shot very difficult.

There is a burn (small stream) that runs from the edge of the green diagonally crossing the fairway which forces you to think carefully about your second shot. A lay up short of the burn is the safest thing to do but will leave you anything from 120 to 160 metres to reach the green in 3. The further left you are, the shorter your 3rd shot.

If you carry the burn with your second, you need to be wary of the fairway bunkers that protect the right edge of the fairway. If you go to the left side of the fairway you will find that the burn might just collect your ball.

The green is elevated with bunkers in front and behind. It’s narrow,15 metres deep and 15 metres wide, 40 meters across green running downhill from left to right and from back to front. Very very quick when putting downhill and with the grain.

Mijas Golf Los Lagos 2nd Hole

Stroke 17, Par 3, White 160m, Yellow 148m, Blue 105m, Red 94m

Protected by bunkers in front, behind, to the left and to the right there is almost no hope of finding the green if you hit a low runner. You have to get it airborne.

From the front left of the green to the back right is a difference of 3 clubs! The apron is about 1 metre and then you have that difficult fluffy rough that needs a bunker type shot to escape from. First-class short games skills are needed if you miss the green and want to save par.

Mijas Golf Los Lagos 3rd Hole

Par 4, Stroke 15, White 344m, Yellow 323m, Blue 305, Red 285

An elevated tee looks down a straight fairway. This should be a comfortable par, however like all of the holes at Mijas Golf it is set up to offer you an easy bogey whilst making you work for that par!

The Las Golondrinas luxury apartment complex sits just over the wall by the tee, meaning you might find yourself teeing off in front of a gallery! Out of bounds down the left. The first 180m of the right side of the fairway is bordered by tall pines that will collect most errant drives and force you to chip out sideways back to the fairway.

Long hitters might lay up with a rescue or a long iron to make sure that they do not bring the left and right fairway bunkers into play which run from 100m out up to 20 metres short of the green. Those confident of driving straight will be rewarded with a short wedge in.

The green is protected by a bunker running across the front which denies any runners making safe haven, Left and right are also well bunkered with a huge lake on the back edge of the green. Front to back of the green is about 2 or 3 clubs.

Across the stone bridge to the 4th

Mijas Golf Los Lagos 4th Hole

Par 4. Stroke 7. White 390m, Yellow 374, Blue 331m Red 311m

This is the start of a run of 11 holes that will thoroughly test you. You need to find a good tee shot here to give yourself a reasonable chance of making par or net par. An excellent par 4!

Again out of bounds on the left, although it will take a terminally bad shot to miss the golf course! The fairway is generously wide, yet as you stand on the tee you may not be feeling too hopeful!

A dogleg right with a huge bunker guarding the inside corner. You will need to carry it more than 220m if you want to carry the bunkers and leave yourself a short second. Right of the bunkers are large trees that are well spaced – you can usually find a way out, and of course the ever-present evil fluffy rough.

Big hitters take the tiger line over the bunker and the corner. Your reward is a simple short iron into the green. Otherwise, a drive up the middle can leave you anything ranging from a rescue to a midiron. Big reward here if you take on the bunkers off the tee.

The green is very large, giving you a generous target if you are coming in with a long iron or a wood. Water on the right of the green and another vast front bunker means you need to carry it all the way.

Once on the green, you can still find yourself 30m away! The greens almost always run perfectly true. Nonetheless, you will need to work hard to avoid that 3 putt if you find yourself on the wrong side of the green.

On your left up the slope to the 5th tee.

Mijas Golf Los Lagos Hole 5

Par 5. Stroke 3. White 580m, Yellow 536m, Blue 499, Red 479m.

This is an excellent par 5 in my mind one of the best on Mijas Golf. You walk off this green with par or net par then you can pat yourself on the back!

There is a lake that extends from the green for 160m back up the fairway on the right side – this will not come into play on the drive. Your best driving line is directly at the lake.

The fairway presents a large target from the tee. If you miss on the right you will find yourself in the pine trees. There is no way to get over them, you are going to have to hit a low one as far up the fairway as you can. There is out of bounds on the left which rarely comes into play.

The fairway narrows to a pinch point at 90m from the green with water on your right. I suggest that you select your 2nd shot to leave you short of the pinch point, giving you a comfortable shot in. The front and right of the green are bordered by the lake, the longer your 3rd shot, the tougher it gets to find the putting surface.

If you bail out left and long you will find a bunker, a bunker protects the back of the green.

The green is 3 clubs (30m) from back to front and 2 (20m) clubs deep. It is a very large green but just looks so hard to hit from the fairway!

Walk around the back of the lake to the 6th.

Mijas Golf Los Lagos 6th Hole

Par 4. Stroke 1. White tees 423m, Yellow 415m, Blue 379m, Red 334m

The toughest hole on the Mijas golf course. This is a fearsome challenge.

The tee sits on the side of the lake demanding 210 metres of carry from the back tees to reach dry land. The Blue and Red tees allow you to seek safety by playing left of the lake.

Out of bounds on your left if you cross the road. Does not often come into play as the fairway bunkers on the left side of the hole are more likely to collect those errant shots. The fairway bunkers leave you with 2nd shots ranging from 200m to 130m, it is safe to say that a tee shot up the left is going to cost you at least a bogey. If you go right off the tee you might find sanctuary on the 5th fairway, but with little hope of clearing the trees to get home with your second.

You need to hit the fairway and you need to be as far up as you can possibly manage. Left and right sides of the green and the approaches are protected by a series of bunkers, giving you a clear chance to run your ball onto the green if you need to. Be careful, the rear left of the green is another of those lakes! Again a very large green which gives you a fair chance of finding the surface but, having reached the “dance floor” you can find yourself a very long way from the hole.

Mijas Golf Los Lagos 7th Hole

Par 4, Stroke 13. White tees 387m, Yellow 379m, Blue 319m, Red 300m

Mijas Golf Los Lagos Costa del Sol gof course review Andalusia Spain golf holidays

Again the tee sits on the edge of the lake that protects the 4th and 6th greens. It will not affect your tee shot. The lake directly in front and on your left will!!

The lake begins at around 60m from the tee and to 110m short of the green and will take everything that goes left of the fairway.

Beyond the lake, there is a copse of pine trees which offers the long hitters a slight chance of redemption for drives up the left. It is only slight because there is another lake that continues up the left side of the fairway encompassing the left edge of the green too.

If you miss the fairway on the right it is likely that the large sand traps will get you, leaving you around 150m to 180m to reach the green. The fairway is very generous, yet I often find myself with the turtles and the fishes, Long hitters will drive the ball over the cart path that crosses the fairway about 110m from the green leaving a straightforward short iron second shot. If those long hitters go right, they might find themselves amongst the trees playing their second shots off wood chips – not easy.

Beware if you are coming into the green from the right, or if you take a line heading to the left of the green. That green side lake claims a lot of victims. It’s better to miss the green short than left or long. The right front of the green is guarded by a much-used bunker.

Mijas Golf Los Lagos 8th Hole

Par 3. Stroke 5. White tees 220m, Yellow 210m, Blue 158m, Red 139m

There are so many great holes at Mijas Golf Club that it is hard to decide upon a signature hole. This is definitely a contender. A terrifying tee shot. Running in the opposite direction to the 7th, the left side of the hole and green are protected by the lake that probably swallowed your drive on the previous hole!

The tee again sits alongside the lake. Any topped shots are likely to find a watery grave. Anything left of the green will be wet. The green is set on a bank with a fluffy rough leading to the water’s edge. If you narrowly miss the green on the left, you have a 50:50 chance that the fluffy rough will stop your ball before it reaches the lake. The right of the green has a series of bunkers. Many people will seek those bunkers as safe refuge and take their chance on saving par. It is perfectly safe to leave your tee shot short of the green. You will have a fairly simple chip up the green. From front to back of the green is a difference of 2 or 3 clubs. If the pin is on the back then play for the middle – there is water over the back too.

Mijas Golf Los Lagos 9th Hole

Par 4. Stroke 11. White tees 348m, Yellow 341m, Blue 311m, Red 279m

Mijas Golf Los Lagos Costa del Sol gof course review Andalusia Spain golf holidays

Finally, a hole where you do not see oceans of water off the tee!

A dogleg left and slightly uphill into an elevated green, this hole rewards a good straight drive with easy access to the green with your second.

The entrance road runs up the left of the fairway and is marked as “ground under repair” (blue stakes) giving you a free drop should you find your drive within 10 metres either side of the road. At a driving distance on the inside corner of the dogleg, you will find a complex of bunkers that collect those drives that are not quite long enough to carry the corner.

Any drives that go more than 40m offline to the right are likely to be in fluffy rough making it hard to get a clean contact on your next shot. The long hitters who miss on the right will find more bunkers, another 20 metres right of the bunkers is the lake that also guards the 3rd and 7th greens. This lake rarely comes into play on the 9th.

The ideal drive is aimed at the landmark Byblos Hotel tower. The green allows shots to run onto the front. The left and right sides are well bunkered. There is a sloping bank at the back of the green to catch shots that run through.

From the back of the green, putting or chipping to the front is treacherously fast – be careful!

Cross the road, up the slope past the halfway house and restrooms you will see the 10th tee.

Mijas Golf Los Lagos 10th Hole

Par 4. Stroke 2. White tees 418m, Yellow 408, Blue 369, Red 331

Mijas Golf Los Lagos Costa del Sol gof course review Andalusia Spain golf holidays

Such a beautiful hole!

The back tees are located on a raised plinth shared with the 13th, which makes for a truly spectacular view down the hole. The tees of the day are usually a little further forward, presenting you with a tree-lined avenue like fairway running downhill towards the green.

Fairway bunkers left and right of the fairway about 150 metres from the green will collect off-line drives. A lake sits on the right side and behind the green forcing nervous players to go left with their 2nd shots. Too far left and will find a devious fairway bunker, making your 40 metre 3rd shot more difficult. Front left and right of the green is guarded by vast bunkers. Again, the green is big, you have plenty to aim at.

Across the bridge through the giant golf ball to the 11th tee.

Mijas Golf Los Lagos Hole 11

Par 3. Stroke 8. White tees 176m, Yellow 160m, Blue 129m, Red 124m.

Mijas Golf Los Lagos Costa del Sol gof course review Andalusia Spain golf holidays

This is a great hole.

This time the lake guards the right side of the green. Bunker complex guards the left. If you hit a runner you have a small gap to run through. The green runs downhill from the back to the front. If the pin is on the front and you are on the back – be careful with that birdie put!

Mijas Golf Los Lagos Hole 12

Par 4. Stroke 10. White tees 370m, Yellow 359m, Blue 325m, Red 300m

There are no weak holes on Mijas Golf. On many golf courses on the Costa Del Sol, you find that there are 16 or 17 cracking holes and then they squeeze one in to make up numbers. Not here. Every hole is brilliantly designed and laid out to test you, whatever your level is. There is such a wonderful sense of space at Mijas Golf, each hole is an event! This is no exception.

Playing uphill the main access road runs along the right side of the fairway – it will only come in to play if you hit a stinker! There is a complex of bunkers in the fairway which forces you to select either the left or right side of the fairway with your drive. The left side is shorter, but the fairway bunkers are easier to hit. The right side has more room but gives a longer second shot.

The approach to the green is unprotected, making life a little easier. The right side of the green is well bunkered. The rest of the green is surrounded by flower beds (free drop) and is set beneath a 3 metre high stone wall. Beautiful. It does not matter where you find yourself on this green, it’s going to be a tricky putt. Running very fast downhill with big side hill breaks, it is very hard to find the pace and line.

Mijas Golf Los Lagos Hole 13

Par 5. Stroke 4. White tees 535m, Yellow 520m, Blue 488m, Red 434m.

Mijas Golf Los Lagos Costa del Sol gof course review Andalusia Spain golf holidays

The White tees share the elevated platform with the 10th. The tees of the day are usually a little further forward. A stunning Par 5 that needs maximum attention on every shot. No such thing as lucky pars or birdies here!

The tree-lined fairway is wide enough to instill confidence. Missing the fairway left will send you towards the 10th fairway and give you a difficult recovery shot. Missing right puts you on hard-pan rough and leaves an even tougher second.

At around 220m from the tee, the fairway drops down a steep slope. The slope drops around 4 metres in height over a distance of 30 metres. If your drive is long enough to reach this slope, it will give you an extra 30 metres of run. Very welcome.

At the crest of the hill on the left edge of the fairway is a large bunker. This collects a lot of drives and will screw your second shot. Halfway down the slope on the right is another bunker. This one is quite shallow. If you are confident you can play a long iron out and still reach your desired layup point.

Monster hitters that reach the bottom of the slope can have a go at getting to the green in 2. Be warned, I have NEVER seen anyone successfully achieve it. From the bottom of the slope, you have 200m to the front edge. It is definitely reachable, but such a tough shot to execute.

The green is narrow. Thirty metres short of the green is a burn (small stream) that crosses the fairway and protects the green from any shots attempting to run to the flag. From 170m out there runs a lake up the left-hand side which wraps around the front left of the green. This lake is hard to miss, it just attracts balls!

The right side of the green is protected by another lake which starts 40m out and guards the entire right flank. The right side of the green is elevated, which means any shots that don’t carry to the putting surface will roll back into the water.

The back of the green has a large bunker to catch long shots. From the back bunker, you have a terrifying shot back to the narrow green with that water waiting for you on the other side!

You really need to be coming into the green with as much loft as you can manage. You need to hit the putting surface and make it stop.

The good news is that once you reach the green it is straightforward. No nasty slopes or breaks. Just roll it straight and true and it will all be OK!

Mijas Golf Los Lagos Hole 14

Par 4. Stroke 6. White tee 361m, Yellow 353m, Blue 292m, Red 257m

All you have to do is hang in there and survive this hole. The last 4holes on Mijas golf are going to be kind to you!

No water. Not a drop!

A dogleg left with the fairway running uphill from the tee. The tiger line is to drive along the line of the cart path on the left of the fairway. If you are long enough, the reward is a very simple wedge into the green.

Hideous rough if you miss the fairway left, you will be dropping at least one shot. It’s not long grass, it’s hard-pan. Very difficult to make a good contact on the ball made even harder by having to thread it through the trees. If you go a long way left you can go out of bounds.

If you elect to drive it up the middle, then you will not point directly at the green and will have a slightly longer second shot. The fairway crests at 100m away from the green and then descends gently to the putting surface. There are bunkers everywhere around the green. I mean everywhere. There is a gap of about 15 metres which allows you to run a shot onto the apron. Very hard to find the gap as the terrain throws your ball left towards the bunkers.

If you miss the green short left, you have a long deep bunker shot, pin high left means you need to chip over or under the 4 mature trees that live there. Long will see you in the back bunker, which is the easiest of the bunkers to escape from, or if you miss the back bunker you will have a downhill lie chipping from fluffy rough. Good luck with that! Missing the green right sees you with a downhill lie bunker shot playing to a downhill green. Very difficult to get it close.

This is one of the most difficult greens to read on Mijas Golf. Two putts on this green is a good result – no matter how close you were to the pin!

Mijas Golf Los Lagos Hole 15

Par 5. Stroke 16. White tees 475m, Yellow 466m, Blue 413m, Red 392m

You have just completed some of the best designed, best laid out and most challenging holes of golf that you will find anywhere on any golf course the Costa Del Sol. And now as a reward, the architects are going to give you a chance to shine!

The toughest shot here is the tee shot. Out of bounds into the Tamisa Golf Hotel if you go left. The dreaded fluffy rough and a bunker if you miss right.

From the tee, it looks narrow. It isn’t. Take dead aim at the green. Open your shoulders and belt it! 80% of the time you will be on the fairway.

Long hitters will have no problem hitting an iron into the green. The rest of us need to select a club that leaves us short of the front bunkers and gives the desired distance for the short iron in the very commodious green.

If you mis-hit your 3rd shot the front bunker will get you. Most players will not find the greenside right and left bunkers because the 3rd shorts into the green are usually played from less than 100m.

The greenside bunkers are a threat if you are going in with a long iron second shot. The good news is that they have shallow faces and are easy to play from. Single figure handicappers should expect to make birdie here or a very simple confidence-boosting par!

Mijas Golf Los Lagos Hole 16

Par 3. Stroke 18. White tees 150m, Yellow 142m, Blue 112m, Red 81m.

Again, the tee shot looks difficult. It looks like a narrow entrance to the green, but it is not. There are no obstacles short of the green. The left is protected by a pond and the right by a bunker. The green is quite large and presents a generous target. If you can get your tee shot to go straight, then you have another comfortable par to look forward to.

Mijas Golf Los Lagos Hole 17

Par 4. Stroke 14. White tees 351m, Yellow 342m, Blue 308m, Red 289m.

A hedge runs along the left edge of the tee box and can make you point at the right half of the fairway. I suggest you tee it on the right half of the tee and aim to the left greenside bunkers. You will find yourself in the fairway.

You need to carry 120m to reach the fairway. If you are 30m off line to the right you will head towards the 15th fairway but are likely to get caught in the line of trees and rough. If you are off line 30m left, you might find yourself on nasty hard-pan rough with a very difficult recovery shot.

Long hitters can reach fairway bunkers on the right edge of the fairway, leaving a shot of 120m into the green. The best line is to be in the middle or the left half of the fairway to get a clear line into the green.

There is a bunker 40 metres short and left of the green, it will only catch missed second shots. The green is set on a bank with a large bunker cut into the front right edge which catches second shots that don’t quite carry the distance. A greenside bunker on the left will catch shots just missing the green on the left side.

With a good drive the second shot is not too difficult – just go for the middle of the green, make sure you hit enough club and 2 putts will give you your par or nett par.

Mijas Golf Los Lagos Hole 18

Par 4. Stroke 12. White tees 338m, Yellow 332m, Blue 303m, Red 276m.

Mijas Golf Los Lagos Costa del Sol gof course review Andalusia Spain golf holidays

This is not an easy hole. Although the fairway is generous it is hard to hit. Running uphill towards the green, the fairway is canted 20 degrees to the left meaning that your drive will run to the left towards the dreaded fluffy rough. If you go too far left you will run across the cart path, find yourself in the pine trees and hard-pan with a very tough shot, and little hope of finding the green.

Consequently, many players tend to aim right off the tee, which takes you towards a complex of fairways bunkers. If you go 30m right you will be out of bounds in the driving range. The best line to take for the tee is at the left-hand green side bunkers.

You are likely to find yourself with a sidehill lie for your second shot, which adds another degree of difficulty in order to execute it well. The green has a very narrow entrance. You need to fly it all the way. Play for the centre of the green, it’s safer.

The front right of the green is protected by a huge bunker. Along the left of the green is a complex or sand traps waiting for you.

Once you reach the green your troubles are not over. This is arguably the most difficult green on the Mijas Golf course. Running downhill from the back to the front of the green and from the right to the left side, every putt is affected by significant breaks. Pay close attention to how your playing partners’ putts move.


I have been playing at Mijas Golf for close to 30 years. Los Lagos is my personal favorite. I love it! I am very lucky to play most of the golf courses on Costa del Sol, all of which are of excellent quality and yet I always find myself comparing them to Los Lagos at Mijas Golf Club.

Mijas Golf is the most played golf course on the Costa del Sol and probably amongst the most played golf courses in Europe, Come and play it, discover for yourself what makes Mijas Golf Club so good!

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