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Top 10 Best Restaurants for Golfers in Fuengirola

Updated: Apr 19

Casa Roberto

Casa Roberto, Restaurarante, Mijas, Spain


Price Range - 14 Euro - 46 Euro Contact us!

Casa Roberto has been a perennial favourite with golfers since 1965. Casa Roberto boasts a listing in the Guinness Book of Records for its collection of golf clubs which are displayed, hanging from the rafters in the dining room. 

A family business, the restaurant is now under the stewardship of Roberto junior, a former European Tour player, bonvivant and host par excellence!

For me, the must have dishes are the gambas pil-pil, or the mussels. Every guest I have taken there has been delighted , everything on the menu is prepared and served with passion.

Casa Robertos is ideal for a couple, small groups and tables up to 24 people with prior notice.

Asador Otola - Cortijo la Herradura

Cortijo La Herradura Asador Otola, Mijas, Spain


Price Range - 12 Euros  - 52 Euros

Known locally as “The Cow '' due to the life-sized model of a cow displayed outside the terrace, Asador Ortla is famed for its meat. Originally Asador Ortola was opened to showcase the meat produced on the family farm to the local hotels and restaurants. Immediately word spread about the amazing quality of the produce, the expert knowledge of the serving team  and the upbeat dynamic ambience of the venue. 

This is a “must do '' venue.. If you are a carnivore the experience of eating here will fortify your soul. If meat is not your thing then you will be delighted to learn that equal enthusiasm and care has gone into preparing the non meat and vegan menus too.

Take my advice, have a gin and tonic as an aperitif. When the Gin trolley arrives, allow your server to advise you on the optimum Gin and tonic combination to satiate your palate. You are in for a treat!

Asador Ortola is ideal for groups from 2 to 40 people.

Gastro Vinum: Best Restaurantes for golfers in Fuengirola

Gastro Vinum, Fuengirola; Spain


Price Range - 3 Euros  - 23 Euros

An intimate location with only 20 seats, decorated in vibrant colours with Picasso hanging on the wall, this is a stylish restaurant ideal for couples and small groups that enjoy fine dining.

The food is amazing! Don't use the menu. Ask your server for their recommendation. I had the Pork cheeks followed by a homemade apple ice cream at the suggestion of our server. Never have I been so enraptured by an eating experience. My guess is that if you come here once, you will come again and again during your stay just so that you can sample as much of the menu as possible! 

Ferrum Restaurante


Price Range - 7 Euros  - 34 Euros

An Argentine Restaurant that has built a golden reputation for its seafood. This is worth a visit simply to  experience the Paellas. Persuade your group to give this traditional Andalucian speciality a try and you will note that  the conversation slows as the intensity of the eating experience builds! Do it!

The Ferrum is beautifully appointed, elegant, stylish and a service team  that always delight. Yet despite the evident high quality of Ferrum it is remarkably well priced. When the bill comes you will be very pleasantly surprised!

Ferrum Restaurante is widely considered to be the finest restaurant in Fuengirola. Keep reading to discover the best Restaurantes for golfers in Fuengirola.

Kamasutra Indian Restaurant

Kamasutra Restaurante, Spain


Price Range - 8 Euros - 22 Euros 

The aromas emanating from Kamasutra greet you long before you cross the threshold! The smell of herbs and spices triggers saliva glands and will render most of us into a dribbling mess within moments of entering this lovely place.

The menu is extensive and carries all of the favourite Indian dishes that we love. My favourite is Lamb stewed with the deep flavours of Okra, cummin, ginger and all of the spices that make Indian cuisine so satisfying.

Clearly when visiting Spain for a golfing break it makes sense to live and eat the Mediterranean lifestyle for a few days, but when a restaurant looks and smells this good it instantly makes sense for you and your friends to pop inside and enjoy something wonderful!

Groups of up to 20 can be accommodated with prior notice. 

Patagonia Steak House

Patagonia Steak House, Fuengirola, Spain


Price Range - 14 Euros  - 20 Euros

A steak and grill house par excellence! I elected for a fillet steak, our waiter, upon understanding what I wanted to taste, instead recommended the aged sirloin (Entrecote). The depth of flavour and texture were astonishing. The pepper sauce had enough heat to take the caramelised fat of the meat to a whole new level of taste. Outstanding. 

The Patagonia Steak House is in the heart of Fuengirolas gastro area, Calle Moncayo, known as Fish Alley. The service, ambience and decor of Restaurant Patagonia make this a first class experience.

Bistro Michel

Bistro Michel, Fuengirola, Restaurante, Spain


Price Range - 9 Euros - 27 Euros

Rack of Lamb, Surf and Turf, Pil-Pil and Pate. So difficult to choose just one. Most folks visit several times!

An intimate venue ideal for couples and small groups, the star of the show here is the food. The a la carte options are tremendous with full options for gluten free, vegan, etc. The menu del dia is a custom that is less often seen nowaday, here at Bistro Michel it is a delight

There are more than 900 restaurants in Fuengirola, Bistro Michel is certainly in the top ten!

Restaurant Moncayo

Restaurante Moncayo, Spain


Price Range - 6 Euros  - 20 Euros

This is a happy, pleasant place to be. A family business. The staff are warm in their welcome, the ambience aimed at bringing your focus to the food. The food is deeply satisfying. My tarte of apples baked in port with figs was delicious. I had a main course of carbonara. How such a simple dish was able to deliver such an evocative experience is a measure of how good this restaurant is.

Restaurante Moncayo is located in Calle Moncayo, the centre of the fine dining area in Fuengirola and is one of the star restaurants. It is perfect for small groups and couples.

Arte y Cocina

Arte y Cocina Restaurante, Fuengirola, Spain


Price Range - 25 Euros  - 50 Euros

Arte y Cocina is aptly named. It does what is says on the label! A fusion of art and fine dining. Guest artists are invited to display their work on the restaurant walls to bring visual art and culinary art to one place.

Arte y Cocina is the venue that will delight gastronomes. It is advisable to pre-book, often they are unable to accommodate diners without bookings. This is an intimate venue where fine dining and fine art combine to impart a true unique experience.

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