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The top 5  best steakhouses in Fuengirola

Updated: Apr 28

Asador Otola - Cortijo la Herradura

Asador Otola, Fuengirola, Spain


Price range 12 euros to 52 Euros Contact us NOW!

Asador Otola - Cortijo la Herradura is located on the Camino Viejo de Coin just on the outskirts of Fuengirola. You will pass it almost every day of your Fuengirola Golf holiday, just look for the life sized model of a black and  white cow and that's where it is.

Asador Otola - Cortijo la Herradura is a fantastic place. It is perfect for all kinds of groups large or small and can easily handle a table of 30. The wine cellar, gin collection and well stocked humidor will make your prize giving dinner a huge success.

Asador Otola - Cortijo la Herradura is famous amongst golfers in Fuengirola for its meat. All of the produce served in the restaurant comes from the family ranch, Cortijo de Herradura. The beef, lamb, pork and chicken are superb. If you and your friends are beef lovers or carnivores in general then you have to visit Asador Ortola. When ordering, talk to the server, he will ask you what flavours and texture you prefer, using their knowledge of their produce the server will recommend to you the cut of beef to satisfy your desire. For me it's the “Chuleton de tenera”, a beef rib chop that is 500g of dark, aged, marbled beauty!.

The vegan and non meat options are equally as good. Asador Otola - Cortijo la Herradura is a fabulous experience and is proceed to give incredible value.

La Morena, Top 5 best steakhouses in Fuengirola

La Morena, Fuengirola, Spain.


Price range - 8 Euros  - 28 Euros

Situated on the Camino de Coin,Venta La Morena opened its doors more than a century ago providing comfort, sustenance and shelter from the elements to traders on their long journey between Fuengirola and Coin.

100 Years later and the descendants of the founding family still operare Venta La Morena according to the same ethos. Robust food, wholesome in nature, quick and informal service utilising local produce.

As befits an aged establishment with pragmatic pretensions the decor and furnishings are functional rather than elegant. The large bulls head mounted on the wall is an icon to remind you of the long heritage of this place and gives a clue to the food for which La Morena has become locally famous! A huge wood fired grill sits in view to the diners so that they can watch the chef do his magic! The meat cabinets are full of all kinds of meat produce, pork, lamb, beef, rabbit, sausages, chorizo, everything  you can imagine. Further cabinets hold an equally dizzying array of fish. 

La Morena offers an extensive  menu, pasta , soups, salads, gluten free, vegan but people come here for the grilled  meat. It is fast, top quality and is amazing value. If you want to give your friends an outstanding carnivore experience that is easy on the budget, then this is the place for you. No doubt this is one of the Top 5 best steakhouses in Fuengirola.


Patagonia, Fuengirola, Spain


Price range - 14 Euros  -28 Euros 

Located in the heart of Fuengirola, Patagonia offers a dining experience that will delight. An Argentinian meat restaurant that delivers perfectly grilled meats with perfectly matched sauces in a contemporary style.

Patagonia, furnished in white is a stylish and comfortable place. They have supreme confidence in their produce  and service which is reflected in the experience I had. It was fabulous. Everything about my time at Patagonia was perfect from the point where we were seated right up until they bade us a good evening. The ambience, the service, the hospitality all contrived to elevate the dining experience to the highest level.

Patagonia is not a big place and is ideal for couples and small groups of up to 8 people.  


Poncho's Restaurante, Fuengirola, Spain.


Price range - 10 Euros - 25 Euros

Located in the centre of the town Ponchos has been serving Argentinain styled food for many years. Before establishing their current business in Fuengirola the proprietors ran an Argentinian restaurant in Koln, Germany where they perfected their processes to maintain the highest levels of quality and consistency.

Ponchos is a small, intimate venue that is aimed squarely at delivering the highest quality meat based menu. The skewers are incredible and need to be sampled! The mixed platter is staggeringly good, and a challenge to get though. Ponchos is mid range in price and delivers high end dining in its informal, rustic setting.

The Old Swiss House

The Old Swiss House, Fuengirola, Spain


Price range - 20 Euros to 40 Euros

For decades Old Swiss House has been winning the hearts of local and visiting diners. Hugely popular with those enjoying a golf holiday in Fuengirola because of its fabulous food, fabulous wine, fabulous staff, fabulous everything really!

I have included The Old Swiss House  in our “Top 5 Steak House” list, but in reality The Old Swiss House has dominated the Top 5 fine dining venues in Fuengirola for at least 30 years!

The best dinner in my opinion is the Chateaubriand with Bearnaise sauce and Rosti potatoes. Nothing comes close as a rewarding dinner experience. Shared with golfing friends and a few bottles of well chosen wine and a night at The Old Swiss House will form an indelible memory!

Of course, a restaurant of this standing offers the best of everything, fish, pasta, vegan, gluten free etc. Whatever you choose to eat is going to be a delight. The Old Swiss House is able, with prior booking, to accommodate groups of up to 24.

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