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Superspeed Golf Swing Speed Training Review

Updated: Feb 29

Right. Most of you will have heard of or seen the advertisements for Superspeed Golf, “Unleash Your Speed” it says, “Gain 5 to 8% more swing speed in 6 weeks”, “bomb it past your opponents”

I bought one. I want all of those things! If it had promised to make me look younger and reduce my belly I would have bought two!

The big question is does it work. The short answer is YES! At least subjectively. Allow me to bring you up to speed.

Superspeed Golf Swing Speed Training Review

What’s in the box?

The package took 3 days to arrive from the European Superspeed Golf distributor. At 220 euros including shipping it is half the cost of a new driver and promises much more gains – that’s how I did the “Man Maths” to justify it!

The packing is very smart and gives a reassuring sense of quality. Upon opening the box you are presented with the 3 speed sticks, supported in a rack, behind which is a printed message urging you to visit their website to access the video training content. You will also find a very nicely presented booklet which runs through the training program and safety protocols.

Superspeed Swing Training Part 1

September 2020

Getting started

Obviously it makes sense to measure your swing speed before starting the training. I did this a few weeks ago at Cala Nova Golf Club using their indoor Trackman system. A write up of this is coming soon! From the 8 best swings that day my average clubhead speed was 110mph with an overall distance of 263m.

SwingSpeed Golf offers a package deal where you can buy a PRGR Launch Monitor at a reduced price which you can use to measure your progress with the training. I elected instead to buy a Garmin G80 Approach device which doubles as a launch monitor and GPS device. When it arrives I will review it and also update my swing speed progress!

Training Level 1

“Don’t use it more than 3 days a week and dont use it on consecutive days”, warns the website. Common sense really, no point tweaking previously dormant muscles. “Slowly slowly catchy monkey”, as the saying goes!

Needless to say I ignored all of that advice and have been swinging the sticks like a whirling dervish for the last 5 days all over the practise facilities at my home club, Mijas Golf.

The training videos and the booklet are very easy to follow.

Level 1 training drill consists of 39 full golf swings both left and right handed. Does not sound like much, but it will have you panting for breath. When the drill is completed you will definitely feel that you have used your muscles. It gives the same feeling as a 15 minute Joe Wicks session!

I use the “wafting sticks” as JW refers to them on the range before I play and on practise days. I make sure that I have stretched and hit 20 or so balls with full swings before I start the session. It feels great. I enjoy each session! Immediately afterwards I am loose and free moving. I have completed 7 training sessions so far and will measure the progress after the 10th session. Subjectively I feel as though I have made considerable gains already. The numbers will reveal the truth next week!

The wafting sticks have proved very popular on the range with my regular golf buddies, there are 3 or 4 of us that practise together a couple of times a week and all of us are having a go! The feedback from all of the lads is similarly positive. We all feel as though we hit it better as a result of the training.

There are 5 training levels to progress through, each level takes around 6 weeks to complete. Don’t worry, you don’t have to wait 6 weeks to see gains. Gains are immediate! I will be able to give you definitive numbers when the Garmin device arrives.

There are cheaper substitutes on the market. I feel very pleased with my choice. The quality of the devices are very high. The presentation is first class and the online support is extremely important and in my view clinches the deal. Players such as Angel Miguel Jiminez, Phil Mickleson, Billy Horschel, Ian Poulter, Lydia Ko, Beef Johnson are all users. If it’s good enough for them then it’s good enough for me. Stick with the “real McCoy”!

Superspeed Golf Swing Training part 2

November 2020

I promised an update after 10 sessions with the SuperSpeed Golf sticks. I did not reach 10 as quickly as I hoped. I ignored the warnings on the box, in the videos and in the instructions and over did it causing injuries to several muscles in my lower back. (Gluteus medius and quadratus lumborum).

Four physiotherapy sessions with Isy Bowles at Elite Performance Therapy put things back in order. Isy has been looking after me for the last year or so dealing with various joint issues. The extra flexibility she has unleashed in me took my driver clubhead speed from 104mph measured in August 2019 to 110mph as measured in June 2020. We will write a review and summary of how Elite Performance Therapy has helped John and I soon.

Having resumed SuperSpeed training, this time following the protocols I was a little pessimistic about any progress or lack of it. Three sessions into the renewed training I was amazed to see the results. 115mph and 263m of carry with a ball speed of 166mph!!

The clubhead speed on my 7 iron increased from 89mph to 93 with an 17m increase in carry.

The figures are incredible – there is no doubt that this system works.

However, I have not yet taken this new found length to the golf course. At the moment I just can’t make myself swing at maximum speed. It is going to take a little more training and a little more time to become familiar with and comfortable with swinging as fast as I can on the golf course with a scorecard on my hand!!

I will update again after another 1 training session!

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