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Norwegian Ryder Cup at Parador el Golf

Updated: Mar 1

From the moment I returned to the Costa del Sol, I have heard much about Jarla and Bente  and the wonderful event they organise each year.

The Norwegian Ryder Cup celebrated its 5th anniversary at Parador on Wednesday 17th October. Team Captain Jarla called upon 24 Norwegian golfers from all over Europe to gather at Parador del Golf ready to conquer the rest of the world team lead by Antonio.

Antonio enjoyed many successful years running the Restaurante El Golf set close to Mijas Golfs’ 5th green, and  was therefore able to call upon all of the talented players who call Mijas Golf home. None of those players were available, so Antonios team, the Dirty 2 Dozen, were pressed into action to defend the Rest of the World’s honour against the marauding Vikings!

Matchplay format

Norwegian Ryder Cup at Parador el Golf

The format is a classic matchplay. Mano a mano. 24 players on each team playing singles matchplay. 1 point for victory, half point for a half. Let battle commence.

A week of rain and thunder had blighted the Costa del Sol, yet magically as I pulled the clubs from the back of my car on Wednesday morning, the sun was restored to its full glory, the sky a flawless deep blue, providing a perfect 23 degree autumn day.

Parador del Golf was in terrific condition. The fairways give an amazing playing surface, the greens are generous, true running with breaks that are fairly easy to read. Whilst the rough is not unspeakable, it is almost certainly going to cost you a shot should you venture into it.

First tee nerves were certainly a factor as a variety of unusual shots, witnessed much to the delight and relief of watching teammates.

Prize giving – Palma Nova

Norwegian Ryder Cup at Parador el Golf

The prize giving ceremony was conducted at Restaurante El Golf, now called Restaurante Palma Nova under the guidance of new hosts, Ori, Jessie, Nadia and Angel.

Each match winner was awarded an excellent bottle of Faustino V Crianza, the longest drive on the 10th earned a rather lovely bottle of Cognac. The closest ladies tee shot on the Par 3 9th and the nearest mens tee shot on the 13th were also rewarded.

Once the scores were tallied I would have liked to report that the only winner was the game of golf, but that’s not true! Team Rest of the World, the Dirty 2 Dozen, lead and inspired by Antonio were resounding champions with a winning score of 30.5 points to 10.5.

A great day of golf

The day was so perfect. The company utterly gracious. Each match played in the true spirit of the game. I simply do not remember a day spent on the golf course that was more enjoyable.

Bente, Jarla, Antonio – the team at Restaurante Palma Nova and of course Vega Peterson, who arranged the tee times – many many thanks for a superb day!

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