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Los Naranjos Golf Club Review and Playing Guide

Updated: Feb 25

Designed by Robert Trent Jones with the brief to build a championship golf course in Marbella, Los Naranjos Golf Club has matured into one of the best golf courses along the Costa del Sol and fits the bill perfectly.

Highly skilled players will love the challenge of playing a true championship venue. Longer handicap players need to choose the right tee box to suit their game and they too will bask in the glory of this place.

Los Naranjos Golf Course Marbella Costa del Sol Andalusia

This is a golf course for those that love the game.

We have features Los Naranjos in other articles, such as “The Ultimate Guide to Golf in Marbella” and “10 Golf Courses near Marbella”.

Los Naranjos Golf Club is a hugely successful members club with one of the best clubhouse facilities anywhere in Spain. My first impression as I walked onto the property was of the casual elegance. Los Naranjos Golf Club are very comfortable with their position at the pinnacle of Marbella golf.

We played at Los Naranjos Golf Club just a couple of weeks after the Ladies European Tour visited to play the Andalucian Costa del Sol Open de Espana. As you can imagine we found the golf course to be in pristine condition. Every moment spent walking around this outstanding golf course was an utter delight!

Our experience was superb. Firstly the welcome we received in the pro shop, the ease of the driving range, the good humour of the starter and of course the splendour of this outstanding golf course. Los Naranjos Golf Club is a great place to be. Los Naranjos Golf Club is a must play venue if you are considering a golf break in Marbella or on the Costa del Sol. Come and play it. You will be impressed!

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Los Naranjos Golf Course

Opened: 1977

Designer: Robert Trent Jones Snr.

18 Holes, Par 72


  1. Clubhouse

  2. Restaurant

  3. Changing Rooms

  4. Lockers

  5. Showers

  6. Halfway House

  7. Pro-Shop

  8. Club Hire

  9. Buggies

  10. Driving Range

  11. Puting Green

  12. Short Game Area

Los Naranjos Golf Club Par 72 Black Tees 6564m White Tees 6154m Yellow Tees 5854m Red Tees 5054m

Los Naranjos Front Nine Holes

Los Naranjos Golf Club Hole 1

Par 4 Stroke Index 14 Black Tees 331m White Tees 305m Yellow Tees 298m Red Tees 238m

Los Naranjos Golf Course Marbella Costa del Sol Andalusia

Before we arrived at the first tee we stopped at the driving range to get loosened up. What a delight to find that the ball machines accept credit card payment! So easy, no messing about trudging back to the pro shop to buy tokens or rooting about the depths of your golf bag trying to find a euro coin! The team at Los Naranjos Golf Club are clearly on their A game!

A bucket of balls confirmed two things for me, firstly that 56 is not the new 36 and that I still have a major problem with my LOFT. The plushly padded golf buggy ensconced me as we drove under the tunnel to the first tee.

We elected to play from the back tees today to experience this magnificent golf course in all of its glory, the view from the first tee did not disappoint, it looks stunning!

The first hole is a dog leg to the right, initially falling away from the tee before sweeping around to the right and steeply rising to reach the putting surface.

A vast spread of bunkers sit on the slope on a direct line between the tee and the green. Below the bunkers are a series of tall palm trees that inhabit the valley floor and reach for the sky like a bastion of krieg lights.

The line to take is to the left of the bunkers and as far as you can get! There is plenty of space on the right and no trouble to worry about over there.

With a successful drive from the first tee the second shot is more challenging. In my case I had 80m remaining from my position in the fairway and an elevation of 6m to reach the plateau green. My wedge shot did not reach the putting surface pitching on the front apron and rolled back almost to my feet.

Desperate to save par and with the pin on the front of the green a tried again to stiff the wedge shot, again it came back to my feet. I did this twice more before conceding the hole to JW! The lesson here is to ignore the pin position and play to the middle of the green!

The tee boxes, fairways, first cut, greens and bunkers were all perfectly cut and in supreme condition providing a quality of playing surface that is otherwise found at the pinnacle of golf courses on the Costa del Sol, Finca Cortesin and San Roque Old Course for example.

Los Naranjos Golf Club Hole 2

Par 5 Stroke Index 4 Black Tees 543m White Tees 514m Yellow Tees 492m Red Tees 437m

Los Naranjos Golf Course Marbella Costa del Sol Andalusia

On the right side of the fairway sits a water hazard unseen from my vantage point on the back tees. A bunker on the right side requiring a poke of 240m to carry is reason enough to take up the left. There is an abundance of room on the left, taking a line on the large white villa on the left flank of the fairway is a good plan.

JW hit a cracking 3 wood for his second shot leaving himself with an easy shot into the green. My drive was not a source of joy, however it was on the short grass with 300m to the green, no chance for me to reach in two so I also batted a 3 wood towards the green. The fairway narrows as it progresses towards the green. A well placed bunker sits on the right edge of the fairway 75m from the green and did a great job of collecting my second shot!

Light rough dotted with pristine trees are dotted along the right flank of the fairway as the green nears, nothing heinous but best avoided. This is a good par 5, a three shot hole that welcomes a bold action from the tee and asks ever more difficult questions for you as the hole progresses. Beautifully crafted hard par easy bogey design that is the hallmark of the great Trent Jones designs.

Los Naranjos Golf Club Hole 3

Par 4 Stroke Index 12 Black Tees 360m White Tees 338m Yellow Tees 322m Red Tees 278m

Los Naranjos Golf Course Marbella Costa del Sol Andalusia

Another immaculate tee box welcomes you to this cracking par four. From the tee box the hole runs downhill through an avenue of trees to the low point 140m ahead of you marked by a ravine traversing the fairway. To carry the river bed requires a flight of 180m whereupon a generous and welcoming fairway awaits leaving the arboreal avenue behind you...

The fairway is reasonably generous and with the first cut of rough on either side makes an inviting target up to the 260m point whereupon the right side of the fairway is pinched by a bunker complex the remaining fairway on the left side is halved in width.

The best line to take is at the fairway bunkers leaving just over 100m uphill into the heart of the green.

The front of the green is dominated by a large bunker leaving a slither of fairway on the right as direct access. Your second shot needs to pitch in the heart of the green.

The green has plenty of space around it , the first cut beyond the fringes are fitted with trees making this an extremely attractive hole and the first scoring opportunity of the day!

Los Naranjos Golf Club Hole 4

Par 3 Stroke Index 10 Black Tees 188m White Tees 169m Yellow Tees 148m Red Tees 117m

Los Naranjos Golf Course Marbella Costa del Sol Andalusia

A long, ferocious looking par 3 that will test the mettle of all who venture here!

The ornate stone boundary wall runs behind the tee box, the hole runs downhill towards the green, the ravine runs across the front of the green just 35m from the target. The oblique angle at which the ravine runs gives a little more room between the dance floor and death on the right side, but not enough room to give any sense of hope!

If you don’t feel good about your chance of flying your ball all the way to the pin then your only option is to play up short of the ravine and hope that your chip shot onto the plateau green can yield a par.

After these first four opening holes the theme of easy bogey and hard par is set. This is proving to be one of Trent Jones finest layouts presented to us today in sublime condition.

Los Naranjos Golf Club Hole 5

Par 5 Stroke Index 6 Black Tees 466m White Tees 446m Yellow Tees 441m Red Tees 345m

Los Naranjos Golf Course Marbella Costa del Sol Andalusia

This is a fantastic looking hole! At 466m this par 5 is not a leviathan, however it is one of the most deliciously challenging holes here at Los Naranjos. A gem.

The view for the tee is fantastic, the river bed is 70m ahead of us from the tee running across the front of the tee boxes, either side of the tee boxes are rows of mature towering Eucalyptus trees creating a slender gap through which to thread your drive.

The fairway is canted from right to left at a 30 degree slope. The line to take with the tee shot is at the trees sited in the first cut of rough high on the right side.

The cart path runs along the left periphery of the fairway beyond which the ravine tracks the fairway before crossing 70m short of and considerably below the green.

A drive of 250m will theoretically put you in range to have a crack at the green with your second shot. Having stood in the fairway and assessed the shot taking on board the steep incline of the last 80m to the green, the proximity of the river bed on the left and then crossing the front of the green the risk/reward ratio does not add up for me. Those highly skilled players with impeccable ball striking abilities might relish the challenge, poor old Stuey would just throw another ball into another hazard. It’s a three shot hole for me!

The lay up shot needs to be far enough up the fairway to reach the wide point leaving 80m – 110m approach shots into the very elevated green . Fortunately your eyes are fixed on the green way above the river bed a few metres ahead of you which has the effect of removing the hazard from your list of things to be afraid of!

Outstanding hole!

Los Naranjos Golf Club Hole 6

Par 4 Stroke Index 2 Black Tees 411m White Tees 367m Yellow Tees 356m Red Tees 315m

Los Naranjos Golf Course Marbella Costa del Sol Andalusia

Located above the 5th green the 6th tee is a beautiful slender strip reminiscent of a cricket wicket. In excess of 400m this is a long par 4! The Line to take with your tee shot is just inside the bunker on the right of the fairway. The hole is a slight dog leg to the left with the cart path marking the inside edge of the fairway. Left of the cart path gives you 50m of rough set on a steep lightly wooded bank running down to the river bed.

Do not hit a crooked drive! If you bend one to the left that river will once again take custody of your ball, a shot curving to the right is capable of departing the confines of the golf course. I am not suggesting that this hole is tight, it is not, but when trying to nail a big drive on a long par four strange things can sometimes result!

The river runs across the front of the green 30m from the green centre. A large bunker guards the left flank of this small kidney shaped target.

The green, like all of the greens here today, are beautifully cut, blemish free and fast. Really fast!

This hole is defined by how well you deal with your second shot. The drive is not the challenge. The question to ask yourself is “Can I take on the danger and find the dance floor with a mid iron or hybrid?” Discretion might be the best strategy on this occasion and play for a bogey! This is the choice that the golf course is asking you to make. All of the great golf courses do that to you!

Los Naranjos Golf Club Hole 7

Par 4 Stroke Index 18 Black Tees 363m White Tees 341m Yellow Tees 305m Red Tees 285m

Los Naranjos Golf Course Marbella Costa del Sol Andalusia

The back tee here on the 7th is tucked away in the shade of the Eucalyptus tree, very pretty!

Everything here at Los Naranjos Golf Club has an air of confidence borne from its inherent elegance and polished by maturity. This is a truly lovely place to be.

The line off the tee is directly up the middle of the fairway. The holes is a dog leg to the right, bunkers at 230m and 250m on the right, the aiming point for the tee shot is just inside those bunkers. Out of bounds is a few metres to the right of these bunkers, beware!

Missing the fairway in the first cut on the left is not a disaster.

The widest part of the fairway arrives at 240m from the tee making it the point at which Mr Trent Jones would like you to play your second shot from. Heed his suggestion and the hole becomes greatly simplified. At 270m the fairway narrows at the corner of the dogleg and a further bunkers encroach into the left side making the tee shot and from the bunker, the second shot far more fraught than necessary!

The green is above you cut into a plateau. The left edge of the green has a bunker set below it cut into the plateau, the front of the green is open. The bail out area for errant second shots is short and right of the green.

A beautifully presented par 4 that will reward a good drive with a chance to score.

Los Naranjos Golf Club Hole 8

Par 3 Stroke Index 16 Black Tees 207m White Tees 184m Yellow Tees 173m Red Tees 154m

Los Naranjos Golf Course Marbella Costa del Sol Andalusia

A monster par 3! The green is the widest part of the hole and adds to the intimidation factor. Lovely townhouses line the left side of the hole making the hole feel narrower than it actually is.

The tee and the green are at the same level. The fairway drops to its lowest point about 30m from the green before beginning its rise to meet the putting surface. A large bunker sits 30m from the target consuming half of the frontal approach denying running shots access to the left half of the green. A large bunker sits midway up the green on the right. If the hole is too long for you to take on the shot there is a natural layup area 40m short of the green

If you make a three here you have stolen a shot back from the golf course! Well done!

Los Naranjos Golf Club Hole 9

Par 4 Stroke Index 8 Black Tees 414m White Tees 388m Yellow Tees 367m Red Tees 305m

Los Naranjos Golf Course Marbella Costa del Sol Andalusia

A slender dog leg left par four marks the last of nine exquisite holes of golf!

A bunker sits in the dog leg of this hole 210m from the tee. If you can carry it you will have achieved the perfect tee shot. If not, go a little to the right of it. Do not go left, out of bounds amongst the beautiful homes.

At 414m this is a long hole and there are clear benefits in pumping it as far up the fairway as possible.

A drive of 260m will carry the bunkers and leave you 150m into the heart of the green through an avenue of beautiful mature trees dark in hue. The shorter you are, the more difficult the second shot becomes.

The fairway dips form 260m out and begins to rise to the green with 80m to go, This is a beautiful hole. The fairway is narrow, especially from 100m out, however the first cut of rough is beautifully cut and there is enough of it to make the hole much more friendly.

The green is open, which is fair, this is after all a long par four, it might be considered mean of spirit had there been bunkers preventing low running shots from reaching safe haven. Superb design.

Los Naranjos Golf Club Back Nine Holes

Los Naranjos Golf Club Hole 10

Par 4 Stroke Index 3 Black Tees 422m White Tees 392m Yellow Tees 363m Red Tees 333m

Los Naranjos Golf Course Marbella Costa del Sol Andalusia

A short drive from the 9th green through the tunnel and past the rather lovely halfway house terrace bar will find you on the 10th tee.

On your left is the iconic 18th hole and its devilish water feature, on your right protected by netting is the driving range.

A dog leg to the right, the obvious line to take from the tee is over the large bunker that sits on the right of the fairway at the point where the fairway turns to the right. This is the obvious line, but beware, the driving range and therefore out of bounds is just a little further right of the bunker. The netting will probably save you, but the trees that line that area will ruin any hope of a miracle recovery! The fairway is the place to be!

I hit a reasonable drive, scraped over the bunker and left myself 160m into the green. Access to the green is open, there are a pair of large bunkers sitting on either side of the target which I imagine see a lot of traffic. It’s no easy feat to hit a perfectly straight iron or hybrid 160m or more!

The view from the fairway is dominated by the tall palm trees which surround the putting surface making the hole extremely attractive.

It is remarkable to think how perfect the putting surfaces are given the enormous volume of traffic they have seen over recent months! The entire golf course is in fabulous condition. Congratulations to the Los Naranjos management team!

Los Naranjos Golf Club Hole 11

Par 4 Stroke Index 11 Black Tees 394m White Tees 350m Yellow Tees 329m Red Tees 308m

Los Naranjos Golf Course Marbella Costa del Sol Andalusia

The wind is strong today, and in this case against us, not helpful on the 396m par 4!

A wide fairway is a welcoming sight from the tee box. Please do not think that the wide fairway means it’s an easy hole, far from it, it simply means that the golf course is encouraging you to make a good start!

The line to the green from the tee is just to the right of the fairway bunker located on the right edge of the fairway. A drive on this line will cut the corner of this slight dogleg. I recommend a safer line just to the left of that fairway bunker,there is plenty of room on the left.

The cart path crossed the fairway 40m beyond the bunker, well beyond the reach of mere mortals. The green is above you set on a plinth some 4m above your position in the fairway. Running shots are unlikely to make it all the way up there, the ball needs to be flown all the way into the centre of the green.

The front left and right are protected by large bunkers, the gap between them is about 30m. The challenge is getting the ball over the top of that 4m plinth. Many players have found themselves chipping into the green as a result of not getting over that ridge. Don’t be one of them!

The green is large, fast and subtly contoured. This is a good par.

Los Naranjos Golf Club Hole 12

Par 3 Stroke Index 15 Black Tees 166m White Tees 151m Yellow Tees 145m Red Tees 108m

Los Naranjos Golf Course Marbella Costa del Sol Andalusia

A par three of 166m with the green below you. Your gaze will be taken with the large lake on the front and right of the green, and if you are like me your thought will be “How on earth am I going to miss all that water?” There is plenty of bail out room on the left and short and a huge bunker pin high left as a lesser evil than the water!

A small green with a large step running through the middle adds to the challenge of this super par 3.

Los Naranjos Golf Club Hole 13

Par 4 Stroke Index 13 Black Tees 372m White Tees 366m Yellow Tees 348m Red Tees 432m

The elevated tee box is set amidst two lines of trees which run all the way to the hole making this a hole of aesthetic beauty, the sort of hole that appears on our TV screens and decides the fate of tournament champions each Sunday!

The green is visible from the tee box. A straight drive is key, more important than length, although long and straight will earn you the chance to shoot for a birdie. Anything crooked may put you under pressure for the remaining holes!

Los Naranjos Golf Club Hole 14

Par 5 Stroke index 1 Black Tees 525m White Tees 501m Yellow Tees 483m Red Tees 432m

Los Naranjos Golf Course Marbella Costa del Sol Andalusia

A long par 5 with a dog leg fairway turning to the left at the halfway point. Out of bounds is close to the left edge of the fairway. Helpfully the trees on the left push your aiming towards the right half of the short grass. Do not resist, do not try to cut the corner.

Poke your drive as far along the fairway as you can. Only the mightiest hitters have any hope of reaching in two strokes. Hit the easiest drive that you can, no mistakes, repeat with your second. Try to get past the left hand fairway bunker for 2 and you have created a good chance for birdie.

An accurate wedge from 75m is required to clear the front bunker and nestle close to the pin on this narrow green.

Los Naranjos Golf Club Hole 15

Par 4 Stroke Index 9 Black Tees 328m White Tees 319m Yellow Tees 311m Red Tees 269m

Los Naranjos Golf Course Marbella Costa del Sol Andalusia

A short par 4 with a significant dog leg to the left. A tree 140m from the tee sits invitingly on the left edge of the fairway almost on a direct line to the green. The temptation to fire one over the corner is primal. Like most primal urges, it is best ignored. A lake guards the direct line to the green from 230m out and extends to the green. The shape of the lake cuts into the fairway necessitating a drive aimed at bunkers located on the right side of the fairway.

To be safe leave your tee shot short of the lake, accept a 90m wedge into the small green. Do not fixate on the pin, the centre of the green is good enough to give a fair go at birdie and to take that hazard out of your thoughts!

Los Naranjos Golf Club Hole 16

Par 4 Stroke Index 7 Black Tees 376m White Tees 356m Yellow Tees 332m Red Tees 293m

Los Naranjos Golf Course Marbella Costa del Sol Andalusia

A wide tree lined fairway. The trees on the right are less dense than the trees on the left. There is not an out of bounds fence in sight! Nothing here to worry about. The line to take is a lone pine tree to the left of the green.

A decent drive will leave 140m. A large deep bunker inhabits the front left making access to the green viable by air only! The green is slanted slightly to the left which will cause some shots to miss on the right whereupon another bunker will confound.

The drive here is easy. It is the shot into the green that will make or break this hole for you.

Los Naranjos Golf Club Hole 17

Par 3 Stroke Index 17 Black Tees 173m White Tees 160m Yellow Tees 152m Red Tees 128m

Los Naranjos Golf Course Marbella Costa del Sol Andalusia

Tall pine trees abound in this area of Los Naranjos Golf Club.

Lined on either side and encircling the green are the column-like palm trees which abound on the back nine holes of Los Naranjos Golf Club.

The front of the green is open to running shots which is fair on such a long par 3. A pair of large bunkers will trap errant shots to the left and right.

On your left is the OOB fence which is not going to come into play on a hole of this length. All that is required is a reasonable straight tee shot and this great long par 3 might just allow you to par it!

Los Naranjos Golf Club Hole 18

Par 5 Stroke Index 5 Black Tees 525m White Tees 507m Yellow Tees 489m Red Tees 394m

Los Naranjos Golf Course Marbella Costa del Sol Andalusia

The signature hole on this wonderful golf course. A reachable, risk and reward par 5 which will either crown your great day or cause you to shred your score card. You choose!!

A slightly uphill dog leg to the left. The cart path runs on the right of the fairway, beyond that is the out of bounds markers. fear not, they do not come into play. There are far more pertinent things to concern you here!

A bunker on the right of the fairway 280m from the tee is a good line. Bash it with all of your last reserves of energy. You need to be a long way up this fairway, this is it, do or die!

From 150m short of the green the complex of lakes line the right side of the fairway crossing in front of the green forcing you to play over it at some point.

This is a grandstand finish with the green close to the clubhouse and therefore not a great deal of room around it.

A mighty drive will give you an option of going for the green in two. If you are not attached to your golf ball and your match needs heroic action then the conditions are met to throw caution to the wind and have a go!

There is no bail out area for those attacking in two. It’s the green or nothing. Banking at the back will keep your ball fairly close to the hole. Just be sure that you can fly it high into the putting surface!

The safe option is to bump your second shot further up the fairway keeping right of the water and leaving your preferred distance for what will be a tricky third shot into the green.

A delicious hole to finish . I fear more bogeys than birdies are realised here, but for those few that achieve birdie, just imagine how good that first beer is going to taste!


Each of the 18 holes at Los Naranjos Golf Club tells you how they want to be played. None offer an easy par. Each hole is well crafted. This is a golf course for the golf cognoscenti, those who have the focus to form and implement a strategy to give them the best chance of beating handicap. Like all Trent Jones designs the mantra “hard par easy bogey” is true.

Los Naranjos Golf Course Marbella Costa del Sol Andalusia

Whatever your skill level the best way to manage this series of 18 challenges is to always play the most straight forward shot that you can. If you avoid high risk shots you will also avoid high penalties. This is a world class golf course!

There are several wonderful Trent Jones / Cabell Robinson designs on the Costa del Sol including such greats as Finca Cortesin, Mijas Golf Los Lagos, Real Club de Golf Sotogrande. Los Naranjos is equal in stature. At close to 6600m from the back tees it is a beast too, lots of par four holes running over 400m!

Everyone here is happy. The guests are smiling, and laughing. I can promise you that the golf course has beaten them up, this is a championship golf course, that’s what they do! It’s the overall Los Naranjos experience that makes the guests happy.

This is a cool place to be.

Book your tee time at Los Naranjos Golf Club

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