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Discounted Green Fees on Costa del Sol

Updated: Jun 3

Playing golf on the Costa del Sol is an experience enjoyed by more than 500,000 visiting golfers each year. With plenty of golf courses to choose from, there are always opportunities to find discounted green fees on Costa del Sol.

It is easy to understand why Spain and in particular the Costa del Sol has become such an important venue for golf. With 320 days a year of sunshine, warm winter temperatures and very little rain the Costa del Sol is perfect for the”outdoors” lifestyle.

Naturally we all want to get the best bang for our buck. In this article we discuss how to get discounted green fees on the Costa del Sol and how to get the best experience from your golf break for the least amount of money!

Average green fees costs on Costa del Sol

The average cost of a green fee in Spain is approximately 72 Euros dependent on factors such as season and number of players. This compares well to Portugal at 100 Euros and Turkey at 93 Euro.

Today there are more than 70 golf courses along the Costa del Sol, the most dense proliferation anywhere in Europe. With prices ranging from 460 Euros to 25 Euros, there are courses to suit all skill levels and all budgets.

What are discounted green fees on Costa del Sol?

Each golf course will publish its green fees prices for the coming season on its website. Often you will find that the golf courses on the Costa del Sol will publish discounts and special offers too.

However the best discounts are available from specialised tour operators and locally based green fee booking agencies as they are often required to purchase green fees up to a year in advance or lodge significant deposits with the golf courses in exchange for a reduced ”tour operator rate”. Most of this saving is passed on to you as a discounted green fee.

How to play golf on a budget on the Costa del Sol

sunshine golf andalusia spain golf course

Firstly understand that the premium or famous courses are more expensive.

Secondly there are no bad golf courses on the Costa del Sol. All are professionally maintained and well presented with excellent playing surfaces. Some are walkable, some are set in mountainous terrain and therefore difficult to walk. A low cost green fee does not mean a poor golfing experience.

Most courses will offer early bird and twilight rates making the cost even lower.

A typical week’s golf for a society might comprise one round at a low cost golf course which will be difficult  due to the terrain but enjoyable nevertheless. Then 2 rounds at something in the mid price range which are outstanding golf courses with great heritage and then the final day at somewhere prestigious.

It really depends on your skill level and what you want to take from your golfing experience on the Costa del Sol. Do you want to win your 4 ball against your friends or would you like to walk in the footsteps of the Ryder Cup stars?

Golf on the Costa del Sol represents amazing value and you will have a great time.

You can select 4 of the lowest cost green fees available and still have an enjoyable time with your friends.

Which golf courses offer discounted green fees on Costa del Sol

sunshine golf andalusia spain golf course

Specialists Tour operators and green fee booking agencies are able to offer fantastic green fees at all of the courses along the Costa del Sol.

We have personal experience of working with Sunshine Golf, a Tour Operator and green fee booking agency of nearly 30 years standing in the golf industry on the Costa del Sol. Click here to see the current discounted green fees on Costa del Sol offers.

Which are the best value golf courses on Costa del Sol

This can only be answered subjectively. It depends upon your personal criteria. Do you want the least expensive green fee? Do you want the most challenging course for the best rate? Do you want the most prestigious course at a more affordable price?

For me the answer is easy. The courses that I play most frequently on the Costa del Sol are Mijas Golfs Los Lagos and Los Olivos. Los Lagos is a genuine championship style golf course, close to 7200 yards from the back tees it is a monster with slick greens, always excellent presentation and a hugely experienced and efficient management team. The prices are great value for money as a visitor, a member or a society day. 

La Cala Golf Resort offers 54 holes. Another superbly run resort that offers tremendous golf at tremendous value.

If I am short of time or fancy a quick 9 holes then Cerrado del Aguila is tough to beat. A 9 hole course that is very well priced offering 9 excellent holes of Golf.

Think of it this way. If you play one day at Cerrado del Aguila, you will create enough room in your budget to go crazy and walk in the footsteps of the stars. For me Finca Cortesin provides the ultimate day of golf. It is a very special occasion each time you pass through their gate!

How to book a discounted golf holiday on Costa del sol

Use a specialist Golf Tour Operator. Specialist golf tour operators work closely with the Costa del Sol’s golf courses to attract visiting golfers.

Typically Golf Tour Operators will purchase in advance significant numbers of green fees from each of the golf courses. This is good for the golf course as it benefits their cash flow, reduces back room administration and allows them to offer the tour operators a discounted rate for each green fee.

If you use a tour operator to book your tee times most of that discount will be passed on to you meaning you will often get the best available prices on Costa del Sol. The tour operator will manage your entire booking taking unnecessary work and inconvenience away from you. Remember, you do not pay for this service. The golf courses do by offering the tour operators a discount!

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