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Golf Club Hire on Costa del Sol: The Pros and Cons

Updated: Feb 26

Taking a golf trip to the golfing paradise of Southern Spain is the highlight of the season for many devoted golf addicts. However the thought of dragging golf clubs through airports, the cost and the propensity for something to go wrong do not always enhance the  experience. More often people now elect to hire golf clubs for their Costa del Sol golf holiday. Here we discuss the pros and cons of golf club hire on Costa del Sol versus lugging your own.

Golf clubs hire Andalusia Costa del Sol Spain

Planning your golf holiday to Malaga

When you are planning your golf holiday to the Malaga region there are certain things you need.

  1. Somewhere to stay

  2. Somewhere to play

  3. Something to play with

The first two are pretty straight forward. To find the right golf courses for you just browse through our playing reviews and decide upon the courses that best suit you. Links within the article will direct you to the low cost green fee. is the easiest way to find a great  deal on your accommodation whether it be a hotel, villa or apartment.

It’s the golf club issue that can often cause the biggest headaches, and those headaches are sometimes waiting to ambush you in the departures lounge of your local airport! Let’s examine your choices.

Taking your clubs on holiday:

First step – packing your clubs

Put the rain hood on your bag, wrap loads of parcel tape to keep it in place and get going. Tears and rips  in your golf  bag, broken, damaged and even stolen clubs are surprisingly common.

Use a golf travel bag, this will reduce the damage to your equipment and make theft far more difficult. The downside is that these travel bags are heavy, bulky and take some handling when you have to navigate through check in.

Many airlines now charge you a significant premium for carrying sports equipment often ranging from 20 euros up to 50 euros with a weight restriction of approximately 15kg subject to your airline’s T&Cs. Go over that weight limit and you can be hit for a further 15 euros per Kg!

So you reach the check-in desk, put your suitcase and golf bag on the scales and “I am sorry Sir but you need to take the golf clubs to a different check-in desk to drop them off”!! Off you go, time ticking by, stress levels going up to find this extra size luggage drop off. Join another queue and finally say “adios” to those unfeasibly heavy golf clubs!

Thankfully Malaga airport is one of the most efficient in Europe at dealing with the arrival of golf clubs. Once you have found your luggage carousel the first items off will be suitcases, the last items are oversize items, i.e. your golf clubs! Finally you are reunited with your cherished tools. Relax, the holiday begins here!

There is another way.

Golf Club Hire on Costa del Sol

You can avoid all of the pain described above with one simple email or phone call. Hire a set of golf clubs. As you walk out of the arrival terminal at Malaga airport the Clubs to Hire Shop is directly in front of you. Step in, give them your reservation details and walk out with a brand new set of clubs! 

The cost of hiring clubs from Clubs to Hire at Malaga airport starts at 40 euro and is broadly similar to the cost of flying with your clubs. The convenience and ease might be the deal sealer for you.

A further benefit is that these hire clubs are usually retired and sold once they have played 50 rounds meaning that the clubs you hire will have lovely soft new grips, grooves in great condition and will be the most modern with the latest technology on the market.

The Clubs to Hire site allows you to choose from Wilson, Taylormade, Callaway and Mizuno, you can select the type of shaft you prefer, you can even hire a pair of shoes if you really want to travel light! This is a perfect opportunity to try out a new set and see how they help your game. If they knock shots off your score then you can also buy ex rental sets from Clubs to Hire too!

Is the familiarity of playing with your own clubs worth the cost and hassle of taking your clubs on holiday? Would you like to try a new set? Do you want to make the travel phase of your holiday as easy as possible? These are the questions which will help you to decide if hiring cubs when you arrive in Spain is the right thing to do.

You can learn more about Clubs to Hire at Malaga airport here. Remember it’s essential to book in advance, in order to get the best deal!

Disclaimer: Some of the links on this website are “affiliate links.” If you make a purchase from our affiliate partners we will receive a commission at no additional cost to you.

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