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Crafting Your Perfect Golf Escape in Costa del Sol: Tailored Packages for Unforgettable Holidays

Updated: Feb 5

Crafting your perfect golf break on the Costa del Sol is a delight. The Costa del Sol is regarded by many as the most sophisticated golf resort in the world. The variation in golf courses, the diversity offered by the area's famous cities and the facilities available mean that guests visiting the Costa del Sol are able to custom fit a golf vacation on the Costa del Sol that will make an unforgettable golf escape.

Golf player in a beautiful course

In this article we guide you through the main golfing destinations of the Costa del Sol, the unique features that they each offer, the nearby golf courses and make sure that you have the information you need to craft your perfect golf break on the Costa del Sol.

What to consider when organising your golf holiday on the Costa del Sol

When planning and organising your Spanish golf holiday there are a number of things that must be considered in order to avoid unwelcome stress and anxiety. The answer lay in detailed prior planning. 

This is where we come in. Our expert knowledge of golf tourism in Spain means that we can work with you to eliminate any potential issues to maximise the pleasure and heighten the positive experiences for you and your guests.


If your group numbers more than 2 of you then in  our experience it makes more sense for each traveller to book their own flight.  The benefits are numerous, firstly in the event that a traveller has to change the flight or pull out all together it takes the burden from you. It also means that each traveller can decide for themselves on the level of travel insurance protection they wish to have. 

Booking flights to Malaga is easy, there are daily or even hourly flights from most major airports in Europe and the UK. Simply use a flight consolidator like to get the best deals.


The big question is “Do I bring my own clubs or do I hire a set?” There is no doubt that hiring cubs is easier and more convenient. Not having to manhandle the golf travel bag through 4 airports is a blessing. Also many airlines charge for carrying sport equipment, typically the cost for carrying golf clubs can be 65 Euros. If you tell us your handicap, preferred brand, and your style of golf we will match you with the best hire clubs to suit you. We can make your golf break a perfectly tailored golf  package.

The pros of hiring clubs are:

  • Not having to drag the travel bag through airports

  • Avoiding the airline fees

  • Gives you the chance to try out the latest clubs

The cons of hiring clubs are:

  • You still need to bring your golf clothes, shoes, balls, tees etc.

  • The cost of hiring clubs for a week will vary from 40 Euros to 100 Euros

  • Playing with different clubs can take some adjusting to.

airport mijas marbella costa del sol transfers


Getting from the airport to the hotel is the final stress inducing obstacle to overcome. If you elect to rent a car then you need to be sure that their system for handling the admin  and getting you in the driving seat is efficient. We recommend car hire partners that put their emphasis on service. We do not put our guests through the hell of endless queues and being oversold unnecessary car insurance.

For groups of 2 or 4 people that like the idea of some sight-seeing on non golf days a hire car makes sense. For larger groups where getting to the golf course on time is all that counts then using a transfer service will make life easier and save money too.

 We will work with you to deliver the optimum solution for dealing with your airport and golf transfer that provides the maximum convenience and service at the best cost. It is our aim to make your golf vacation on the Costa del Sol as perfect as it can be!

Mijas golf course packages hotel flights

Selecting the golf courses

There are more than 70 golf courses to choose from on the Costa del Sol. They offer a tremendous variety of style and cost. The key thing is to select golf courses that will make all of the players in your group have a good time. 

Putting a new golfer with a 28 handicap on a Ryder Cup course, whilst an amazing experience, is probably not going to give him great memories. We have developed a unique player profile which allows us to advise you on the most suitable golf courses both in terms of budget and playability for your Costa del Sol golf holiday. Use our experience and expertise to tailor your golf holiday package on the Costa del Sol so that all of your guests have a great experience.

Choosing the right area for your golf break.

Choosing the right area is not necessarily about the proximity to your chosen golf courses, but, instead, the proximity of your chosen apres golf activities. Some folk will appreciate being close to the restaurant district of a chosen town, for others only the glitz, glamour and late nights of Marbella or Puerto Banus will suffice. Talk to us, allow us to share our experience with you. We will help you select the best location for your golf holiday in Marbella or beyond.


We work with a range of Hotels in each of the main golfing centres that appeal to those enjoying a golf holiday in Spain. Ranging from three star to 5 star GL, with a mixture of hotels, apartments and luxury suites we can recommend to you the highest standard of accommodation to match your budget. We can help you crafting your Perfect Golf Escape in Costa Del Sol.

Why custom  fitting your golf holiday on the  Costa del Sol is vitally important.

There are many facts to consider when putting together your perfect golf holiday on the Costa del Sol. Having access to expert local knowledge is the key to getting the very best  out of your golf break. Allow us to give you the latest information on the golf courses, hotels, restaurants and more that will allow you to make the ideal selections and additions to your golfing holiday itinerary.

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