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Alhaurin Golf 9 Hole Course – Players Guide and Review

Updated: Feb 27

I had a great time using the practice facilities and playing the 9 hole par 3 course at Alhaurin Golf. Each of the holes has been polished from the stunning mountain terrain. Many of the tee boxes positioned in seemingly impossible places offering a view to the green across verdant valleys, chasms, crevasses, greens set upon escarpments. A more spectacular facility is hard to imagine.

The holes range from 60m to 110m. Each tee box is well manicured, each green generously large with respect to the length of the hole, (you really should not be missing the greens!) The condition is exemplary. Both the greens on the Par 3 course and the main course run at the same pace and perfectly true.

The difference in my wedge play from the beginning of the round to the end was remarkable. It helped me develop “feel” for both distance control, flight and spin characteristics. It allowed me to re-discover how to drive in a low spinning wedge, float in a high soft shot, to get the ball to check and release, to stop, to roll out etc. This is what will happen to you when you play here, your mind will be focused only on the short game and the improvements will come fast.


Alhaurin Golf is situated in the Mijas Golf valley close to Mijas Golf, Mijas Pueblo, La Cala Golf and Fuengirola. Within easy reach of Malaga and Marbella. The journey to Alhaurin Golf will take you through some of the most beautiful mountain scenery you can imagine!

Alhaurin Golf Hole 1, Par 3, 94m

Alhaurin Golf course review Malaga Andalusia Costa del Sol golf holidays Spain

I enjoy practising. My usual routine is to hit a bucket of balls 3 or 4 times a week. I start with short irons, mid irons ultimately pounding drivers and with the last 10 balls a chipping contest to a net about 60m away from the mats. And that is the extent of my short game practise.

This first hole at Alhaurin Golfs Par 3 course can be quite a shock. I was not expecting a little par 3 course to have the ability to beat me up quite so badly!

A generous green sits on a plateau just 90m away from you. A bunker is set into the bank guarding the front of the green, the pin tucked directly behind the bunker.

On the immediate right of the hole the mountain falls sharply away. To the left of the green and short of the green undulating fairway is trouble free.

My first shot was fat, short and found the front bunker. The bunker shot needed to fly high to clear the lip. It was too long and 2m meters off the putting surface above the cup. The putt was intimidatingly fast with a large break on it, It did not go anywhere near to the hole. A double bogey 5 left me wondering “where did it all go wrong!”

Alhaurin Golf Hole 2, Par 3, 92 m

Alhaurin Golf course review Malaga Andalusia Costa del Sol golf holidays Spain

Playing uphill to a long thin green set on the plateau with bunkers guarding its right flank cut into the bottom of the plinth. Right of the bunkers and your ball will roll down the mountainside for an eternity, short and left of the green the lush jungle will claim your ball.

Suddenly I felt a tension in my swing, pure fear caused another mishit, a push to the right that found another difficult bunker from which an unlikely escape was needed. I got to the green after 3 shots to find another immaculate, fast and true green.

2 holes, 2 double bogeys!

Suddenly my poor practise routine is being exposed to me. I have lost almost all sense of feel and touch. My hands are not manipulating the club like they once did. The reason? I don’t play practice rounds anymore. When I was a kid I would get to the golf club after school, disappear into the front 9 playing the 1st, 2nd, 6th and 9th, the “Boozers Loop” as my Dad called it. I hit dozens of practice approach shots, bump and runs, feathered wedges etc. I probably hit 20 practise shots per hole, one drive, one second shot and then the real fun and discovery of figuring out how to make the ball do things! This is what Alhaurin Golf Par 3 course can bring back into your game, it will educate your hands, it will help you to discover or rediscover that touch and feel.

Alhaurin Golf Hole 3, Par 3, 78 m

Alhaurin Golf course review Malaga Andalusia Costa del Sol golf holidays Spain

Alhaurin Golf Par 3 course looks fantastic. Every hole is a visual delight, threaded through trees, playing over mountain crevasses. Each hole has its own distinct character and challenge.

This 3rd hole is one the few that does not impose itself upon you from the tee. It is slightly uphill, largely open with bunkers on the right and below the green.

Finally I hit a green, not very close, but 2 putts on this excellent putting surface gives me my first par of the day!

Alhaurin Golf Hole 4, Par 3, 63 m

Alhaurin Golf course review Malaga Andalusia Costa del Sol golf holidays Spain

Arriving on the 4th tee the challenge before me looks easy, an open hole, nothing in the way, an elementary chip into the green. The playing surfaces of the tees and greens are first class. The layout of each hole has been mesmerising. This is so much better than I would have imagined. I am enjoying this!

Alhaurin Golf Hole 5, Par 3, 74 m

Alhaurin Golf course review Malaga Andalusia Costa del Sol golf holidays Spain

Hitting wedges on the driving range is nothing like this! This is the real deal. This is how you improve your scoring. Even better if you have some nearest the pin bets with your playing partners to really focus the mind!

The view from this tee is incredible. From the tee the path to the green winds down the hill across a bridge at the bottom of the valley to the green. There is no room anywhere to miss the green. Why am I even thinking about missing the green from 74m! I make a mental note to spend at least a day here every month until I stop thinking about missing greens!

Alhaurin Golf Hole 6, Par 3, 46m

Alhaurin Golf course review Malaga Andalusia Costa del Sol golf holidays Spain

Playing up a slight incline over a lake with bunkers on the back edge this hole needs a precise strike. No room to miss the green. John rightly points out “The greens are a decent size considering the length of the holes. We really should not be missing the greens from this range, and if we are then it is perfectly clear that we need to keep playing until we dont!” He is right.

Another bogey!

Alhaurin Golf Hole 7, Par 3, 76m

In my opinion this is the signature hole of this amazing little golf course. Never have I been more intimidated by a 70m approach than now!

An elevated tee plays over a deep valley filled with towering trees which in turn create an aerial avenue through which your ball must pass in order to find the safety of the green. If you miss the green it’s all over. No room for error.

Alhaurin Golf Hole 8, Par 3, 74 m

Alhaurin Golf course review Malaga Andalusia Costa del Sol golf holidays Spain

Located with the wonderful driving range and chipping green on your left this is another tremendous test. An avenue of palm trees frame the green beautifully. Today the pin is on the front of the green giving a small landing area. I punched a low spinning wedge that bounced once and sucked back about two meters leaving a birdie opportunity. Finally I am hitting the ball crisply, working my hands to create the flight and spin that I want. Alhaurin Golf Par 3 is working its magic on me!

Alhaurin Golf Hole 9, Par 3, 99m

Alhaurin Golf course review Malaga Andalusia Costa del Sol golf holidays Spain

99m! The green looks so far away! A large bunker sits below the green on the right side. Plenty of room on the left and a nicely shaped green that invites you to attack the pin.

Less than an hour ago this course had me flummoxed. I was frustrated by how poor my approach play had become. Just 45 minutes later and this course has put me firmly on the path to redemption!

Usually after I have enjoyed a golf course as much as this I am sad for it to be over, not today, I am going to go around again, and again! Now that I am able to control the impact, to manipulate the clubface I feel invigorated. This is fun and seriously addictive!


I think I have discovered the perfect day of golf. The cost to play is 15 euros for one round. Day passes are available for around 25 euros. Spending half a day here alternating 9 holes of wedge and putting practise with 45 minutes of range time and then repeating a couple of times before enjoying a beer or two in the clubhouse is as close to golfing perfection as I can imagine! And your game will improve!

This is perfect for you if:

  1. have limited time,

  2. if you are serious about getting your handicap down,

  3. if you want to get more out your practise,

  4. if you are introducing your kids to golf.

The list of positives is unending. Alhaurin Golf in my view has one of the best Par 3 courses and practise facilities I have ever experienced. You need to come and try it for yourself!

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Alhaurin Golf 9 Hole course. Players Guide and review

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