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A brief chat with Satu Kaariainen, Golf Manager at the Marbella Golf and Country Club

Updated: Feb 26

Marbella Golf and Country Club Costa del Sol golf courses Spain golf holidays Andalusia

SL: How long have you been a team member at MGC?

SK: I have been here at Marbella Golf and Country Club for fourteen years now. I started as a Caddy Master and quickly came to love the working environment here. Little by little as my experience grew I took on more and more responsibilities and have enjoyed a full and varied experience here.

SL:How do you manage the balance between members and visitors?

SK: Originally Marbella Golf and Country Club was intended to be a members club. Over the years we have become more commercial although today about 20% of our revenue comes from members and 80% from golfers visiting the Costa del Sol. We like this balance. The members presence makes it feel like a members club which adds to the positive experience of our guests. 

The members have daily tee times leaving the majority available for our short term and long term visiting guests.

SL: Where do you visiting guests come from?

SK: Until the pandemic started most of our guests came from the UK and Ireland. Right now we are receiving higher numbers of central European guests, French, German, Swiss. We have welcomed a lot of new players and visitors to the area from the Czech Republic and Croatia.

Marbella Golf and Country Club Costa del Sol golf courses Spain golf holidays Andalusia

SL: I notice that your practise facilities are very popular. A lot of young people practising today?

SK: Yes, we have 5 teaching professionals based here. a Spanish Pro, French, an American and a couple from the UK one of which is our lady professional. We have golfers visiting from all over Spain and indeed Europe specifically to have lessons here. We have both natural grass and mats to hit from and a terrific short game area.

SL: How  do you see the future for golf tourism on the Costa del Sol?

SK: It is very positive. As the travel restrictions are lifted, perhaps as early as this autumn we could see things becoming a lot more normal. The British Golfers will be ready to come back and we will be very happy to welcome them.

SL: What do your visiting golfers from the UK and the rest of Europe want from MGC when they come here?

SK: They want to have fun. They enjoy the 19th Hole, the drinks buggy is always busy and they want to enjoy a different golf experience to that which they have at their home club

SL: What makes the Costa del Sol such a great venue globally for golf?

SK: We are unique here. Firstly we have such a great climate that allows an almost year round outdoor lifestyle, perfect for golf. Many countries have golf resorts tucked away in remote places. Here we have Marbella. Marbella is the resort. It offers gastronomy, the nightlife and an incredible range of courses all within the municipality. Marbella is the perfect golf destination.

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