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Torrequebrada Golf Players Guide and Review

Updated: Mar 9

Torrequebrada Golf has been a prestigious venue since it opened in 1976. This Jose Gancedo design has matured with the passing decades and is again ascending the list of most desirable courses to play on Costa Del Sol.

I have known Ana Nyblom the Manager of Torrequebrada for many years, it would be ungentlemanly to say exactly how many, but it runs into decades! Ana is a very positive person and is totally customer focussed. She takes genuine pride in making her guests feel welcome. This is clearly reflected in the tremendous reviews and ratings Torrequebrada Golf have earned on Tripadvisor. I have never seen Ana more enthusiastic in her role than here at Torrequebrada.

The recent changes made to the course have improved the condition dramatically making Torrequebrada a very special place for all players whether enjoying a golf holiday on Costa Del Sol or competing in one of the many events here. 

The level of service you receive, the history of this magnificent golf course, the legends of the game that have walked these fairways before you all add to the aura and the extraordinary sense of occasion  –  for visitors and locals alike a great day at Torrequebrada Golf awaits.


Located close to the shoreline just outside the seaside town of Benalmadena Costa, this sub tropical eden is just 15 minutes from both Malaga airport and Fuengirola. Marbella is a 30 minute drive away, making Torrequebrada a must on your Costa del Sol golf trip itinerary.


  1. Driving range

  2. Putting green

  3. Buggies included in green fee

  4. GPS Range finder on buggies


  1. Changing rooms

  2. Showers

  3. Bar 

  4. Restaurant

  5. Panoramic terrace

The First Nine Holes

Hole 1. White Tee 435m, Yellow 435m, Blue 405m, Red 393m, Par 5, Stroke Index 9

I admit to feeling a little apprehensive on this 1st Tee. It is a beautiful location. Like thousands of golfers before me I took a selfie next to the Torrequebrada sign that sits on the back of the tee with Mediterranean Sea acting as a stunning backdrop.

This dog leg left going up the hill is a good opener. There is a little olive tree just to the left 60m off the tee – this is a good line for your drive. Too far left means trees, slice to the right means more trees and the risk of being out of bounds. Please don’t worry, there is a lot of fairway between the sets of trees!

I hit a terrible drive sliced badly – only the helpful branches of friendly trees prevented me from missing the golf course entirely! My second, third and fourth shots were all equally dire, finally managing to escape the canopies of the trees and find the green with my fifth shot!

The correct way to play it is to lay up with your second aiming right of the green. Make sure you leave your favorite lofted club for your approach. Huge green awaits you. Subtly contoured, quick and true.

The big hitters can reach in two shots, however the risks outweigh the reward. With trees and rough guarding the left, instant death if you go over the back and bunkers defending the front there are many more chances of finishing with a five or a six rather than the hoped for eagle or birdie.

Hole 2. White tees 337m, Yellow tees 333m, Blue tees 275m, Red tees 267m, Par 4, Stroke Index 6

Fantastic buggies at Torrequebrada Golf. Ana and the team kindly stock your buggy with water, pitch mark repairs and score cards – thank you! Also the buggies are equipped with a great GPS system. They display hole layouts, distances to the green centres are excellent, the screens update very quickly. Big time saver too. I did not need to fiddle about with my range finder, the buggy did it for me. Subjectively I think it saves 20 minutes per round.

We have  294 meters. This is a most ornate looking hole.  Senor Gancedo has used the terrain and drop in elevation to make the hole look fabulous and also to make the golfer a little nervous. 

The tee shot looks difficult. There is a fairway bunker on the right edge of the fairway which is about 40m long and will catch drives from all of the tee boxes. Right of this bunker runs down to out of bounds and death. Beyond the green you have amazing views of the sea. It all works together to make the fairway look small. It isn’t. There is in fact plenty of room. To get the best line into the green with your second shot you need to be as close to the fairway bunker as possible. If you find the left side of the fairway you could be blocked by some trees that sit atop the hill close to the green.

A large green awaits you. Aim for the centre, make sure you find it! Missing left is bad, pine trees, slopes, bunkers, missing right is also a bad idea. Missing this green will cost you a shot – even if you have skills of Ballesteros or Mickleson.

Hole 3. White tees 90m, Yellow tees 89m, Blue tees 73, Red tees 61m, Par 3, Stroke Index 18

There are so many picturesque holes at Torrequebrada Golf that it’s hard to pick a signature hole, but for many it is this 3rd. This is the hole where the 1977 Spanish Open Severiano Ballesteros recorded 7 strokes! The green dominates the view from the tee. You can see desperate trouble right of the green. There are bunkers all around . Yet despite the apparently large target and its close proximity to the tee it’s damned hard to hit!

The contoured green, not unlike an upturned saucer makes the defences of this hole complete.

Hole 4. White tees 329m, Yellow tees 324m, Blue tees 263m, Red tees 260m, Par 4, Stroke Index 12

The fairway is beautifully avenued by trees. Alongside the right of the fairway you can see palm trees with a large fir tree on the left. There is a bunker at about one hundred and twenty hundred metres on the left.

The view ahead of you is again beautiful, this time the mountains. The line to take with your drive is to aim at the “V” shape in the mountain ridge line.

Despite the drive looking tight from the tee you do have a very large landing area. Your second shot presents you with a wide green running the back to the front. Beyond the green is a steep bank leading to a copse of trees, plenty of room back there.

Bunkers guard the left and right of the putting surface offering you a clear path directly to the flag.

To give yourself an uphill birdie putt make sure you keep to the left and short of the pin. If you are above it or to the right you will have an extremely fast putt.

This is a good hole. Torrequebrada Golf certainly has a very high quality feel about it.

Hole 5. White tees 345m, Yellow tees 343m, Blue tees 310m, Red tees 307m, Par 4, Stroke Index 15

Incredible views across the sea. Just being here makes you feel good! This is a dog leg left from an elevated tee high above the fairway. The best line to take with your tee shot is to aim at the left edge of the red apartment building visible in the distance.

I hit a 3 wood to reach the corner and found a very generous landing area in the saddle shaped fairway with banked rough on either side.

The front left of the green is protected by bunkers which are set down the bank about ten metres and run alongside the green. Left of those bunkers slope steeply away into trees. The right of the green has a bunker set into the front corner of the green. The good news is that none of these hazards need to come on to play. The green offers you a huge landing area, there really is no reason to miss it!

The bunkers are great to play from, they have the texture of beach sand which makes them dense and almost always gives you a good lie.

Hole 6. White tees 487m, Yellow tees 481m, Blue tees 430m, Red tees 426m, Par 5, Stroke Index 4

We are on the 6th tee. Playing from an elevated tee. It’s a dog leg right. I have to say that once again the visual splendour of the scenery here is breathtaking. Every hole so far has stimulated the senses, bird song, mountains , sea, tropical flora and fauna – outstanding

I found this to be an intimidating tee shot. Out of bounds on the right quite close to you. A bowl shaped fairway helps to collect your ball from the first cut of rough. There is a large fairway bunker dead ahead – that’s your line !

My drive found the left half of the fairway which gave me a clear view of the green and the option to go for it in 2! John on the other hand was on the right side of the fairway with no view of the green and had no choice but to lay up.

The green is elevated and will require a remarkable second shot to reach it. It is a huge green . If you miss the green to the right, left or long you are in trouble. The putting surface is gently shaped and like all of the greens runs perfectly true.

Hole 7. White tees 313m, Yellow tees 311m, Blue tees 286m, Red tees 278m, Par 4, Stroke Index 13

This is a steep downhill short Par 4 and would be reachable were it not for the enormous lake that runs right across the entrance of the green! Six iron lay up short of the lake leaves your favorite wedge into the green.

Two confident strikes and you might be rewarded with a birdie!

Hole 8. White tees 361m, Yellow tees 357m,  Blue tees 321m, Red tees 305m, Par 4, Stroke Index 3

This course gives the impression of being very narrow off the tee. It isn’t. It is a terrific design and as such it demands that you play the right tee shot on each hole. It is a technical course that requires good course management. Very satisfying.

A ninety degree dog leg to the left. Take aim at the bunker at the end of the fairway. Beware, you can reach it. Don’t be too short either or you will not have a clear shot in and don’t drift too far right, you will make the second much much longer than it needs to be. I hit a good 2 iron and was rewarded with a clear view up the fairway to the elevated green. Bunkers guard the left and right. The opening to this vast green is unprotected and very inviting!

Hole 9. White tees 148m, Yellow tees 145m, Blue tees 111m, Red tees 107m, Par 3, Stroke Index 17

This Par 3 is downhill. Beautiful looking hole. Framed by mature Palms and Firs it just looks fabulous. The green dominates the view ahead. There are greenside bunkers but because the green is your only focus they won’t come into play unless something goes wrong!

Another large undulating green will test your long putting skills and secure your par!

Torrequebrada Golf the Second Nine Holes

Hole 10. White tees 382m, Yellow tees 379m, Blue tees 329m, Red tees 323m, Par Stroke 4, Index 2.

The 10th is a dog leg left. It’s not entirely clear what to do. If you look at the mountain ridge on the horizon you will see a “V” cut into the ridge line. That is your line. It looks like a narrow gap to thread your drive through, it does open up. You need to get as far down the fairway as you can and if possible stay on the right hand side too.

I did not reach the corner with my drive, neither did John. Our second shots had to go over the corner of the hill uphill into the green. It is a blind shot. If you are on the left side of the fairway you might not be able to get your ball to fly high enough to get over the corner. The other option is to lay up to the corner with your 2nd shot wedge into the green and hope for a single putt par! Very difficult hole.

Hole 11. White tees 164, Yellow tees 157m, Blue tees 124m, Red tees 120m, Par 3, Stroke Index 14

Approaching the 11th tee you will find the “Halfway House” great opportunity to get something cold and wet to fortify you for the remaining holes.

In front of the tee on your right is the lake that protects the previous hole. There is a monstrous bunker complex directly in front of the green, deep with grass faces. It looks fantastic.

The green looks like it’s banked towards you and it’s slightly uphill. It is a great looking very big green, you just have to find the middle of it! It’s a very steep green from back to front and enormously quick so if you want an uphill putt you need to keep it below the flag. Having a downhill putt is going to be problematic!

Hole 12. White tees 469m,Yellow tees 461m, Blue tees 407m, Red tees 398m, Par 5, Stroke Index 5

This is a straight hole. Tree lined with rough on the left and right. Out of bounds on the right too. It is a narrow fairway but there is plenty of room. The distance between the two sets of trees left and right of the fairway is about 100m. It’s reachable with two strokes for the big hitters.

You will have an uphill lie for your second shot unless you are long enough to reach the crest of the hill. The green sits on top of a slope which runs from right to left. There are bunkers guarding both the left and right of the green. There is also a lake below the green on the left.

I cannot carry the ball to the putting surface, so I am going to lay up. If you cannot fly the ball into the green with your second shot don’t take it on the terrain will kick it down hill and left leaving a difficult chip into the green assuming that your ball did not roll all the down into the lake!

It is a very hard green to hit. The prudent thing is to lay up and leave your preferred wedge to get it close

Hole 13, White tees 147m, Yellow tees 144m, Blue tees 125m, Red tees 119m, Par 3, Stroke Index 16

A par 3, again this is visually fantastic. You play from an elevated tee-box to a plateau green with a valley in between. The valley runs down to the lake that was protecting the green on the previous hole. Two bunkers right left and right guarding the front entrance. You can’t run it in because it slopes so strongly up there, you’ve got to fly all the way.

They give you a very generous landing area. All you have to do is get one airborne and get it online!

If you go long you will encounter a bunker across the back of the green. Beyond the bunkers all kinds of trouble and out of bounds.

It’s a lovely hole not as easy as it looks.

Hole 14, White tees 462m, Yellow tees 455m, Blue tees 388m, Red tees 384m, Par 5, Stroke Index 7

Looking from the tee up the fairway you can see that the green tucked away around the corner to the right. It’s a very slight dog leg. There is out of bounds on the right which will not come in to play unless you hit an absolute stinker. There is plenty of room left. The rough is a steep bank that will help your ball back to the fairway. Immediately in front of the tee is a lake – it really should not affect you, however the presence of water can do strange things to any golfer!

From the fairway looking up to the green I can see front right a huge bunker guarding the front right of the green and two smaller ones guarding the left hand side. Two stumpy olive trees just before the left side bunkers can deflect second shots from running up to the green. Ninety meters from the green on the right side of the fairway are another pair of olive trees which can block lay up shots. These olive trees can force you to lay up on the left of the fairway which means you have to play over the next pair of trees – very clever design!

It’s very reachable par five, very large green it slopes from the back left down towards the front right. Great chance for a birdie.

Hole 15, White tees 321m, Yellow tees 318m, Blue tees 285m, Red tees 280m, Par 4, Stroke Index 10

Short par 4, slight dogleg to the right. At the corner of the dog leg the fairway descends a short steep slope and drops around 3m metres before rising sharply to the green. The terrain is used as a defence for this hole. The big hitters could have a go at it. I don’t think they have an advantage.

The green is well bunkered, not likely to find a way to the green with one shot. I hit a 2 iron just over the ridge and had a 52 degree wedge up the slope on to the green.

What you cannot see from the fairway is how enormous the green is. I hit a nice wedge right at the flag only to find the ball was 15 metres away! The green slopes from back to front and also a bit from right to left.

There is nothing tricky or unfair here, you can see everything that needs to be done.

Hole 16. White tees 388m, Yellow tees 361m, Blue tees 292m, Red tees 285m, Par 4, Stroke Index 1

This is rated as the most difficult hole on the course. When you arrive at the tee take a moment to walk back to the White tees. From these tees Seve drove this green during the 1977 Spanish Open. Incredible.

The elevated tee runs into a valley fairway before ascending steeply to the green. The right side of the fairway is a huge lake (which Seve carried, 349 yards). The lake also runs across the front of the green. Left of the fairway is tree lined.

You can see the sea on the horizon, lovely view, the sea makes an ideal line off the tee. Hit something that will get you 230 meters safely in the middle of the fairway.

Very large green awaits with a very pronounced slope from back to front. Green side bunker on the left is probably safer than putting it from the back of the green! If you find yourself above the cup you have a problem – good luck!

Hole 17, White tees 354m, Yellow tees 350m, Blue tees 310m, Red tees 302m, Par 4, Stroke Index 8

I made a mess of this hole. I pushed my 3 wood a little right into the tree line where the rough drops sharply away down a severe slope, I earnestly warn you not to miss on the right!

From the tee you can see three palm trees on the ridge line, they are greenside, so that’s your line. The fairway is banked from the right, the left of the fairway has fairway bunkers and more trees. It’s a wide fairway, anything reasonably straight will do the job.

From the fairway, you can see a steep valley in front of the green. There is a big bushy tree behind the green, this is a good line in, keeps you focussed on the centre of the green.There is a bail out area to the right of the green with bunkers at the back and on the left. Another delightfully large putting surface with selfie inducing views across the Mediterranean.

Hole 18, White tees 320m, Yellow tees 320m, Blue tees 287m, Red tees 266m, Par 4, Stroke Index 11

We’re on 18th tee looking across a hole that descends into the fairway valley and then rises towards a green which is in front of the clubhouse. From the tee you need to navigate your way past the fairway bunkers on the right. Greenside bunkers guard the left about 50 yards short of the flag. It looks like a spectacular finishing hole!

From the fairway you can only see the top half of the flag. The green is extraordinarily large divided into three tiers. With a big slope from back to front and left to right it is critical the you

get your second shot on to the correct tier. If you find yourself more than 7m from the flag you are in danger of three or even four putting.


This course is truly special. Everywhere you look here at Torrequebrada Golf the fairways are framed by tropical trees, mountains or sea. It’s a spectacularly beautiful place. Pepe Gancedo has created a truly great golfing experience at Torrequebrada Golf. Each hole asks you to think about what you are doing and play the correct shot. It’s almost as though Senor Gancedo has designed this course to bring out the intelligent golfer in us! I enjoyed having to concentrate hard on each tee shot, I became totally absorbed by the game – which is the whole point!

Every hole gives you sheer physical beauty mated with the technical challenge of finding the right shot. If you can do that, then you have every chance of building a good score, and also building a memory that might never be forgotten!

For a visitor to the Costa del Sol enjoying some holiday golf Torrequebrada Golf will be a highlight.

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