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Top five things to do in Fuengirola when you are not playing golf.

Updated: Apr 19

A golf holiday in Fuengirola is fantastic, four or five days of glorious golf with the sun splitting the sky interspersed with a day or two to allow those aching muscles to recover. Here we share with you what we believe to be the best ways of enjoying your Fuengirola golf holiday even when you are not playing golf!

Get a Spa therapy: Top five things to do in Fuengirola when you are not playing golf.



Most of us are weekend golfers. We play once or twice a week if the weather allows us. Hence our golf holidays in Fuengirola are so cherished. A week or two of endless sunshine and beautiful golf courses - the sweet life!.

The thing is that after a couple of days our bodies can get a little creaky, lower back pain, hip pain, aching feet and legs, etc. The solution is simple, book yourself in for a massage or Spa treatment on your day off.

The Mood Spa - Hotel La Zambra, Mijas Golf

La Zambra Hotel, Spa, Mijas, spain.

La Zambra is the finest 5 Star GL facility in the area and is host to the fabulous Mood Spa, 2000 square metres dedicated to the well being of body and soul.

The Spa treatments aim to provide a gentle, tranquil environment in which to  relax and recharge. Some say it's the best way to replenish the batteries and get everything moving after an arduous day on the golf course.

The Mood Spa offers a range of therapies of differing durations and benefits. Typically 180 Euros is going to send you to a happy place for an hour and a half and have you in good shape ready to do battle on the golf course.

Get a Sports massage



I prefer a massage. I can tell you from my own experience that a firm sports massage after golf makes a huge difference. The people I use are Elite Performance Therapy in Fuengirola.  Isy Fergusson,  a specialist sport and physical therapist, is herself an international athlete who entrusts her own well being to her colleagues at Elite Performance Therapy. There can be no greater recommendation than that!   

An hour spent on Isy’s treatment bench might not be the most relaxing hour you ever spend. But, it will bring immediate results! Isy and the team will ask you how comfortable you wish to be during the therapy and will make sure that you remain comfortable at all times. I on the other hand am largely broken. I usually hobble into the clinic with knee pain, lower back pain, sciatic pain, restricted movement in my neck, etc. In my case it all emanates from an unfeasibly tight posterior chain. I ask for the depth of the massage to be barely tolerable. Initially it is uncomfortable, but after a couple of minutes I get used to it  as Isy unlocks the muscles. The benefits are incredible. Hobble in - skip out. I can attest that you will find a new freedom of movement which will directly translate into better golf that is pain free! 

Take a walk on the Paseo and discover the pleasures of the “Chiringuito”

Chiringuito, Paseo Maritimo; Fuengirola, Spain



The sea front, or Paseo Maritimo, runs unbroken and walkable for 40km. from Malaga all the way to Marbella. Head to the seafront in Fuengirola, when you are facing the sea turn right and follow the coast path towards Marbella. You will of course enjoy the delights of the sea, the air, the sights and sounds, but you will also develop a thirst and a hearty appetite.

You will happen upon a number of oasis-like restaurants on the beach as you walk, many will have an old boat filled with charcoal  and sardines being grilled. The aromas are spellbinding. These oases are called Chiringuitos. 

If you would like to enjoy a gentle afternoon in paradise then go for a walk and find yourself a  chiringuito. Make sure you get a table in the sand. Sit facing the sea. Order a cold beer, then order another one. Don't look at the menu, instead, every 20 minutes or so ask the server to bring you some fish or mariscos, they know what is good. Lunch will take 3 or 4 hours.  This is the dolce vita, this is the Mediterranean way of life! Really one of the top five things to do in Fuengirola when you are not playing golf.


Dolphin and Whale watching on a luxury yacht 

Port Office Ticket, Fuengirola, Spain



This is an amazing thing to do. Go to Fuengirola harbour, find our friends at The Port Ticket Office and take a trip to go Dolphin spotting. There are a large number of pods that live in the waters along the Costa del Sol. A pleasant boat ride will take you out to meet them, it is utterly mesmerising to watch these divine creatures move through the water. If you are lucky you might find yourself amongst a pod of the big black and white ones, the Orca. Seven metres long and 5000 kgs in weight these creatures are awe inspiring. 

Half a day on the luxury motor yacht Chamuel is going to cost in the region of 35 euros and includes snacks and drinks, outstanding value.


Igolf, La Cala, Spain



There is a fabulous Golf bar and restaurant in La Cala. iGolf is equipped with 4 state of the art  golf simulators, a zen putting green, large screen TV’s for live sports and a bar with a restaurant that serves great bar snacks.

This is the perfect place to relax with friends, have a beer and take it easy, do some practice, get your gaping right or just chill out and watch the sport on the big screens.

JW and I are regulars in iGolf. We have found that golf on the simulator helps  real golf on the course. At iGolf you  play without fear. There are no consequences to hitting a bad shot. There is nothing to lose, not even a golf ball!  iGolf is where you can play golf and be 100% positive and allow your confidence to flourish! 

Are you planning an andalusian adventure? Let's talk!

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