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The Most Forgiving Hybrid for 2023

Updated: Feb 5

The whole point of Hybrid clubs is that they are easier to hit and more forgiving than long irons. In this article we find out exactly which one is the most forgiving. How do we define “the most forgiving hybrid”? Not the longest, not the straightest, not the most workable, but the hybrid that delivers the best results from all surfaces, all lies and from all over the club face.The most forgiving hybrid is the one that will get you out of the do-do and back in play the game every time!

The Most Forgiving Hybrid for 2023 Ping G430   Taylormade Stealth 2   Callaway Paradym   Cobra Aerojet   Wilson D9   XXiO

There are a dizzying array of Hybrids on the market in 2023, all of which are excellent clubs each of which delivers a slightly different feel and result aimed at solving different issues. We have drawn up a short list of contenders for the title of Most Forgiving Hybrid 2023 from a wide range of current offerings covering the big brand names and some surprise candidates too.

The contenders for the title of the most forgiving Hybrid in 2023 are:

  1. Ping G430

  2. Taylormade Stealth 2

  3. Callaway Paradym

  4. Cobra Aerojet

  5. Wilson D9

  6. XXiO

Ping G430 Hybrid

Reasons to buy

  1. Most forgiving hybrid for higher swing speeds

  2. No offset keeps misses to the left to a minimum

  3. Incredible versatility

Reasons not to buy

  1. Not the most forgiving for slower swing speeds

  2. No offset will not suit slicers

Ping is famous for building forgiveness into all of its clubs. The Ping G430 continues that tradition. The range of lofts available on the hybrid mode range from 17 degrees, a 2 iron replacement up to 34 degrees which is a mid iron alternative meaning that selecting a couple of these clubs could mean that you ditch everything above a 7 iron!

This is my favorite of all of the current hybrids. I use it everywhere. For me it does exactly what I need – this is the club that gets me out of the do -do and back in the action every time! I even chip with it!

Whilst this club is my “do everything superstar” there are reasons why it might not work for everyone. It has no offset which will not appeal to slicers. Its relatively low spin rate will not help slower swingers to get it airborne.

This is the most forgiving hybrid for higher swing speeds.

Taylormade Stealth 2

Reasons to buy

  1. This is a thing of beauty

  2. Amazing length

  3. Good stopping power

Reasons not to buy

  1. Distance drop off with mishits

  2. Premium price

The Taylormade Stealth 2 hybrid goes a long way on good hits. It goes pretty well on mishits too, but there is a bigger drop off than other clubs. The Stealth 2 is exceedingly pretty which adds to the feel good factor as you set up to the ball and gave me very good dispersion figures.

The hosel is not adjustable which maybe is not so important when we consider the job we want it to do, hovering at the premium end of the market its direct competitors do allow some adjustment which allows those players to set their club up exactly as they want.

Callaway Paradym

Reasons to buy

  1. Loaded with go further tech

  2. Loaded with go straighter tech

  3. Looks great

Reasons not to buy

  1. This is the best all rounder – hard to think of a reason!

The new range of Paradym clubs from Callaway have met with awe filled reviews from most testers. There is no doubt that the boffins at Callaway know their onions when it comes to designing new kit!

This is a good option for all handicap ranges, the Paradym X range is aimed at higher handicap players with its offset and draw bias whilst the standard Paradym is for players with lower handicaps, more experience and not battling a slice!

The blend of distance, stopping power and forgiveness probably makes this the best all rounder. If you are in the market for a hybrid then you need to test the Paradym range.

Cobra Aerojet

Reasons to buy

  1. Easy to launch from a variety of lies

  2. Good distance and consistency

  3. Competitive pricing

Reasons not to buy

  1. Not as aesthetically pleasing as some of the others

Cobra have established themselves as big players in the metalwood market. Their products always find themselves at the top of the performance spectrum whilst their prices are usefully less than than the big 4.

The Aerojet range of hybrids offers outstanding performance and great value. It proved easy to hit from pretty much everywhere and gave a very consistent flight trajectory. The odd thing is that whilst I would love to have the Aerojet Driver in my bag, and despite the great results with the hybrid, the Aerojet hybrid did now give me the “wow” factor.

Wilson D9

Reason to buy

  1. This is the one – this is the most forgiving!

  2. Least expensive by far

Reasons not to buy

  1. Does not feel like a premium product

  2. Shortest overall length

Wilson used to be the apex of forged irons and then the forefront in ingenuity. I well remember my brother’s exotic set of X31 irons and woods from the 1970’s with fluted, yes, fluted shafts. I would lather myself into envious rage as I simply could not compete with my Spalding Pinseekers!

Today Wilson fills an important niche as a value brand. The Wilson D9 range is a great example of a no nonsense product that does exactly “what is says on the tin.”

These are aimed squarely at beginners and newbies, a cost effective entry point into golf with tools that can be used to develop your game before sophistication and perhaps brand awareness drives them towards the premium marques.

The D9 Hybrid will launch the ball steeply skyward from literally anywhere on the golf course, provided the ball makes contact somewhere on the face the result will not vary much. It is the pinnacle of forgiveness if not refinement. The secret to its ability to chuck the ball on a heavenly bearing is the amount of backspin it generates. This is key to its forgiveness is also what makes the club unattractive to players seeking a penetrating flight, good distance, feel from the clubface and workability, etc. As merit worthy as the Wilson D9 is for solving a specific problem, it is a one trick pony.

If you need serious help from 150 yards out then this is the club. If you want a scoring club from long range then the Wilson D9 does not have the sophistication you seek.


Reasons to buy

  1. Bejewelled beauty

  2. Big help given to slow swingers

Reason not to buy

  1. Only works for slow swingers

  2. Cost

Here’s a sneaky one. XXiO, ever heard of these guys? Me neither. These are the premium brand from Srixon – which means they will be good. Ultra lightweight clubs aimed squarely at slow swingers to get them further down the fairway.

These clubs have a similar look and feel to the scarily expensive Honma gear that is usually kept in a more secure display case more secure than the Mona Lisa.

As lovely as they are to behold they simply won’t work for mid to fast swingers. The shafts are so light and soft that I simply could not feel what the clubhead was doing. However, Alvaro the head Pro and club fitter at Sunshine Golf says they are a fabulous product that does make a real difference to its intended market segment.


There are two winners. Both are head and shoulders above the others. For beginners, slow swingers and high handicap players the most forgiving hybrid on the market today is the Wilson D9

For players it is the Ping G430. With the previous G425 and current G430 line up Ping have created clubs that are better in almost every respect than anything else they compete against. The only flaw might be a degree of lost work-ability which stops them from being considered the perfect range of woods and hybrids.

Thank you

With thanks to our partners at Sunshine Golf on the Costa del Sol for allowing us access to their outstanding facilities. If you are on the Costa del Sol then go and visit Alvaro and the team at Sunshine Golf.

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