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Breakfast at Mijas Golf Clubhouse Restaurant

Updated: Mar 1

The Clubhouse Restaurant at Mijas Golf International is a great place to stop at, before or after a game of golf. It is open to both members and the general public and has a menu based on local specialities.

The Restaurant at Mijas Golf is located right next to the Clubhouse, an old converted Andalusian cortijo (clubhouse) with a large terrace where you can enjoy a meal in the sunshine.

If you don’t fancy sitting on the terrace, or if the weather is not the best, the open area and the panoramic floor to ceiling windows make the interior of the restaurant very bright.

The Menu

Breakfast at Mijas Golf Clubhouse Restaurant Costa del Sol

The menu of the restaurant combines English favourites with local dishes, to please any type of golfer. For breakfast, you will find the classic English fry-up together with a large selection of sandwiches and omelettes, which can be customised to your taste. From the lunch menu I recommend having the Goat’s Cheese salad, or the Calamari.

Breakfast at the Mijas Golf Restaurant

Breakfast at Mijas Golf Clubhouse Restaurant Costa del Sol

Almost tradition, on Saturday morning we gather around Mijas Golf Club for breakfast before starting the competition of the day. There is no better way of starting the day than with a filling breakfast and a strong cup of coffee.

First we ordered the café con leche – the Spanish way of drinking coffee, which is simply coffee with milk. The clubhouse restaurant uses Lavazza coffee, so it’s always fragrant and of high quality. Also, they have milk alternatives for those of us who are lactose intolerant.

Breakfast at Mijas Golf Clubhouse Restaurant Costa del Sol

After browsing through the menu, we settled on a bacon and egg sandwich, scrambled eggs on toast and a tomato, ham and cheese omelette. On the menu you will also find savoury or sweet croissants, as well as the traditional Spanish breakfast – Tosdata, which is a slice of    thin crispy toast, topped with olive oil and tomato sauce. You can opt to add other ingredients, such as chicken, jamon, sausage or cheese.

All food is cooked to order, so it takes between 10-15 minutes to arrive.

The sandwich was very good, with a runny yolk and plenty of crispy bacon. The presentation was nice, with a cut out in the middle to see the yolk. I guess you can’t really make breakfast and eggs look prettier than this.

Breakfast at Mijas Golf Clubhouse Restaurant Costa del Sol

Both the scrambled eggs and the omelettes were generous sizes, but looking kind of basic on the plate. The eggs were cooked well but the omelette was a bit unseasoned. However, paired with a bit of brown sauce, the seasoning becomes unnoticeable.

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