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Best Breakfast in Fuengirola For Golfers

Updated: Jan 29

“Go to work on an egg” was a catchy advert I remember from childhood TV. Now as my energy consumption is at an all time high going anywhere on an egg is not going to get me far! A good solid breakfast is the only way to prepare for 18 holes of golf on your Fuengirola golf holiday!

Most hotels offer breakfast as part of your accommodation, however, if you want to maximise the number of birdies then I feel that a different plan is required.

Here are the top three best breakfast in Fuengirola for golfers.

Mijas Golf Clubhouse

Mijas Golf Clubhouse

Open at 8am ready to feed their golfing clients before the battle. The range of breakfasts on offer covers all tastes encountered in Europe. However, the mainstay, the breakfast of champions is “The Full English ”. It comes in 2 versions, small and large. The sheer volume of food incorporated in the large breakfast is awe inspiring. Endless amounts of bacon, eggs, beans toast, sausages is spectacular. All cooked exactly as our Mum’s did it.

For the more genteel amongst us I opt for rustic bread toasted with avocado and poached eggs. It is luxuriant, decadent and good for you!

All of the food provided at Mijas Golf is excellent, they have built a top tier reputation, I am also delighted to inform you that the pricing is so kind that it can be considered outstanding value!

Restaurante Hoyo 19

Restaurante Hoyo 19

Located on the Camino de Coin en route from Fuengirola to Mijas Golf, Santana Golf, Calanova Golf and La Cala Golf, it is likely that you will drive past this famous Venta at some point on your Fuengirola golf holiday. Stop, pull in and enjoy.

Hoyo 19 has been part of the golfing fabric of Fuengirola for nearly half a century. They start feeding the locals and visitors at 8am and keep going right through to 11pm! From traditional Spanish breakfasts, which are very very good, through to the lunch time menu del dia aimed at sustaining the workers finishing with a highly regarded a la carte and speciality menu for evening and dinner service.  

Hoyo 19 is an informal restaurant which serves great food at outstanding value. They are famous for their seafood, paella, menu of the day and the grill. However, for me Hoyo 19 is where I like to start my day!

Imagine this, grilled rustic bread, fresh pulped tomato, a couple of garlic cloves and a bottle of extra virgin olive oil. Here’s what you do to kick start your body and mind. Scrape the garlic onto the toast, spread the tomato and then drizzle with olive oil. You cannot imagine how good it is. Wholesome, fresh, warm, satisfying and filling. I promise you if you try it you will feel 3 years younger once consumed!

The breakfast offer includes any kind of omelette you can imagine, rustic, grilled bread rolls called bocadillos filled with eggs, bacon, tuna, tomato, serrano ham, all of the good healthy things that Mediterranean cuisine is famed for.

Breakfast at Hoyo 19 will ensure that you never think of porridge in the same way ever again!

Paddy’s Bar

paddy´s bar

From 9am for seven days a week, Chris, Jacqui and the team at Paddy’s Irish Bar in La Cala Hills will be ready to serve you with a traditional fried breakfast. You can choose any combination you fancy from the classic BLT to the formidable large English breakfast. 

Paddy’s is located on the Camino de Coin just 3km. further than Hoyo 19 and is an unofficial clubhouse for many members of Mijas Golf

The best Breakfast in Fuengirola for Golfers

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