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Atalaya Golf and Country Club Old Course Playing Guide and Review

Updated: Feb 25

The Old Course at Atalaya Golf and Country Club is an elegant parkland course that has provided stylish service to golfers visiting the Costa del Sol for almost 60 years! During that time Atalaya Old Course has maintained exceptional standards of maintenance and presentation whilst maturing into a very attractive and satisfying golf course.

Easily walkable, this 7000 yard layout provides a choice of tee boxes from which you can select the right challenge to suit your skill level. From the back tees this is a genuine championship golf course.

Atalaya Golf and Country Club Old Course Playing Guide and Review Costa del Sol Andalusia Malaga Estepona

I have played countless rounds at Atalaya Old Course and I am always eager to visit again. Everything at Atalaya Golf and Country Club works smoothly and with great professionalism and warmth from the caddy masters, the guys on the range to the team in the clubhouse.

Atalaya Golf and Country Club, which is one of the best golf courses near Marbella, will provide you with an outstanding experience both on and off the golf course.

I heartily recommend it!



  1. Clubhouse

  2. Restaurant

  3. Changing Rooms

  4. Showers

  5. Lockers

  6. Pro Shop

  7. Club Hire

  8. Driving Range

  9. Trackman

  10. Short Game Area

  11. Putting Green

  12. Halfway House

Atalaya Old Course

Par 72 White Tees 6405m Yellow Tees 5872m Blue Tees 5391m Red Tees 5055

Opened: 1968

Designer: Bernard Von Limburger

Atalaya Golf and Country Club Old Course Front Nine Holes

Atalaya Old Course Hole 1

Stroke Index 15 Par 4 White Tees 355m Yellow Tees 309m Blue Tees 270m Red Tees 265m

We arrived for our tee time a little early. Checking in with the caddy master was fast and easy, within moments we arrived at the halfway house adjacent to the ninth green and directly below the first tee. A coffee and muffin and my energy levels were restored to 100%.

In need of some swing thoughts I walked 70m to the warm up area, a series of nets, a practice bunker, chipping green and putting green. Having these facilities close to the first tee is a fantastic idea yet very few golf courses provide it!

Ten minutes of warm up got my body as mobile as it is ever going to get. I was able to reaffirm that I have a terrible technique!

The starter thoughtfully let us know that our tee time was approaching so we walked up the slope onto the roof of the halfway house where the perfectly cut first tee resides. At the back of the tee box a screen shows us what is happening at the first green and therefore when it is safe to tee off.

The first hole plays down hill curving around the hillside on the left to form a gentle crescent. A bunker marks the outside of the corner on the right side of the fairway. The green at the bottom of the hill is protected by a lake that wraps around the front left half of the green. The front center approach is defended by a series of grass bunkers, the right side approach gives open access to the green.

Trees inhabit the first cut of rough on the left and will do their best to save badly hooked balls from crossing the OOB boundary. Pushing a ball over the cart path on the right is also OOB. The prudent approach from this tee shot is to take a line between the bunker on the right and the shoulder of the bank on the left. Two hundred and twenty meters would be ideal. A bit longer if you are confident about keeping it straight. The closer you get to the green the easier the second shot will be. The foolhardy or those with lots of balls (literally) might try to drive the green.

Today the pin is on the front right of the green. This is the easiest spot to get at, if the pin is back left then you might want to say a little prayer before committing to the shot. The green is not a big target and has sufficient danger around it to make even a simple wedge shot a very tense affair!

I elected to hit my trusted 2 iron just over the left edge of the fairway and get as close to the green as I dare. I hit a miserable opening shot that only stayed in play thanks to the kindness of those trees on the left. JW hit a perfect 5 wood down the center leaving himself a wedge to the heart of the green.

When repairing our pitch marks we note that the root bed of the greens is extremely dense which explains why the greens look so good. Very few blemishes and no unrepaired pitch marks are testament to great greenkeepers and courteous players!

A double bogey for me versus a par for JW. I am one down again!

Atalaya Old Course Hole 2

Stroke Index 7 Par 3 White Tees 191m Yellow Tees 154m Blue Tees 145m Red Tees 138m

This is a lovely par three. The task ahead is set out in front of you with absolute clarity. The clear and present danger is a capacious bunker that is set in the front face of the green and denies access to everything that does not pitch directly on the dance floor.

The right side of the narrow green is considerably higher than the left side meaning that you really need to keep yourself below the hole.

The obvious mistake, which both JW and I made here, is to under club and leave our tee shots in that huge front bunker. Maybe it’s the slight incline from tee to green, but the hole plays about 13m longer than the number suggests. To succeed here it is imperative to play long. This is an achingly pretty hole, the green is the center piece set amongst multi coloured flowering hedge rows, towering eucalyptus trees and more. As I stand on the tee the golf course makes me feel good.

The sand in the bunkers is dense and makes a great playing surface. Both JW and I failed to escape the first time and halved the hole in double bogey!! With heads hung in shame we advance to the next tee.

Atalaya Old Course Hole 3

Stroke Index 5 Par 4 White Tees 412m Yellow Tees 393m Blue Tees 353m Red Tees 322m

This is a cracking par four. The only way to dominate here is with both a good drive and then a perfectly executed second shot into an angled green protected once again by a cavernous bunker.

The view from the tee just invites you to give it a crack. I always feel the need to aim up the left side of the fairway. it is a mistake. All the trouble and eventually OOB resides on the left! You can see bunkers that appear on the right side of the fairway aim at those, even if you hit it directly at them you will still finish in the middle of the fairway.

Once again my drive took off on the fairway side of the left hand bunker and came to rest deep in the first cut of rough on the left. 170m from the green with that vast frontal bunker to deal with. JW of course was in the center of the fairway, with a similar distance his 5 wood ran into the apron of the green on the front right of the putting surface leaving him an unlikely birdie chance.

This green is large, as it should be for a long and difficult par four. It runs markedly downhill from the back to the front and from the right to the left. Judging the pace and break is a good test of short game skill. JW’s infinite birdie putt finished surprisingly close, a “gimme” earned him a good par. From the depths of the bunker I splashed out to 3m and also sank a putt for par.

Atalaya Old Course Hole 4

Stroke Index 11 Par 4 White Tees 356m Yellow Tees 334m Blue Tees 309m Red Tees 300m

This too is a cracker jack of a par four. Success on this uphill dog leg to the right depends solely upon your tee shot.

The tree lined first cut of rough lies the right side of the fairway. There is a copious amount of room in the trees and rough on the right should you miss the fairway, however, once in there getting out will prove tricky as the trees at Atalaya Golf and Country Club are not 80% air! Lots of room and open space on the left, extreme left will find the OOB boundary although as a hooker of the golf ball I have yet to go that far to the left!

From the tee you can see a bunker 200m ahead of you. That bunker appears to be towards the center of the fairway. There also appears to be a sizable gap between the right edge of the bunker and the tree line in the rough. The temptation is to take the tiger line through that gap. Don’t do it!! The bunker is in fact on the extreme right edge of the fairway, that gap is only a few meters! The line to take if you are long enough to fly the ball 200m is over the center of the bunker, if that much carry is not in your repertoire then aim to the left of the bunker.

More than half of the players make the mistake of either finding the bunker or going into the rough on the right of it. There is no par to be had from either of those places!

If you master the drive then the hole instantly becomes docile. The shot into the green is considerably uphill and will add half a club to the distance. Bunkers on the left and right are set into the bank on top of which sits the green. Running at 10 on the stimpmeter the greens, including this one, are running true and fast, the art is picking the right line.

For once I hit my drive into the ideal position flighting it over the centre of the bunker, a wedge shot adjusted for the elevation finished pleasingly close to the hole! The result? A birdie! My first on this hole! I had not even managed a par prior to this! I cannot tell you how pleased I felt! Atalaya Golf and Country Club makes you feel that way a lot!

Atalaya Old Course Hole 5

Stroke Index 1 Par 5 White Tees 544m Yellow Tees 517m Blue Tees 440m Red Tees 420m

The first par five, and it is a humdinger! I have to say that this run of holes have been marvellous!

There are two tee boxes in close proximity, both par 5 holes. The tee box on the right is for the 18th hole of the new course, the box on the left is for the 5th hole on the Old Course.

Playing downhill this appears at first glance to be rather narrow. Take a moment to glance again. The 18th fairway of the new course is on your right, a line of trees and first cut separate them whilst doubling your safety margin. Of course it’s not ideal to go there as that line of trees is very effective at buggering up your second shot! On the left is a broader and more densely wooded area of rough between the 5th and 6th fairways. Missing on the left is more troublesome.

The ideal drive will be aimed at the left edge of the fairway bunker that sits 280m down the fairway on the right half of the fairway. The green is reachable in two, and if you have the artillery it might be tempting , however success is unlikely, I would urge you to suppress the inner beast and play it as a three shot hole.

A creek runs across the approaches to this green 50m from the target and is one of the reasons why attacking in 2 is unwise. Second shots need to be laid up short of this, I would suggest 30m short as the fairway runs downhill towards the creek and will leave a tricky downhill lie if you get too close.

The green is elevated 4m above the creek and sits atop a rounded knoll with pronounced run off areas all around it making it an extremely small and difficult target on which to stop a long iron or wood.

Both JW and I left our seconds shots 80m short of the pin, safely away from the creek. We each hit wedges to the greens centre of this small green.Because the green is small it meant that we both had makeable birdie putts, and we did!

Back to back birdies – I can barely contain my joy! JW is taking a beating today!

Atalaya Old Course Hole 6

Stroke Index 13 Par 4 White Tees 421m Yellow Tees 321m Blue Tees 306m Red Tees 288m

A par four running back up the hill lined by trees on both sides and the green set on a pedestal surrounded by a complex of bunkers. An achingly pretty hole set in glorious parkland terrain. This is a delight!

Adjoining fairways on the left and right are separated by wooded areas of rough 20m deep. Again missing the fairway is going to cost you a shot. There are no hazards in the fairway, the key is to get the drive as far up the right half of the fairway as you can. Accessing the green from the left requires you to deal with the greatest elevation and a formidable bunker set in the face of that elevation guarding the front left access to the green.

From the right side access is easier. The right approaches have a bunker sited 30m short of the green and a flat entrance to the green. it is much easier to get close to the pin with your second shot from the right side.

The green is not large and this one is well sculpted resulting in every putt having some degree of break.

The challenges on this hole are finding the elusive green with your second shot and dealing with the slopes of the putting surface. On this short par 4 a par is a satisfying result.

Atalaya Old Course Hole 7

Stroke Index 3 Par 3 White Tees 218m Yellow Tees 195m Blue Tees 168m Red Tees 156m

A big par three, generous in stature, gregarious in character it invites to accept the challenge. There is no trickery, no hidden traps. Remember that the aforementioned creek runs across the fairway 80m short of the green, it does not come into play.

The hole is wide, the approach to the green open, the only hazards are large bunkers on the right and left left flanks. The green is slightly elevated adding a nuance of difficulty to greenside chips and pitches. Otherwise it is a straightforward challenge. Hit the ball straight for 200m. if you can, you earn a par or better. If you cannot then this hole gives you a fair chance of saving par.

For most of us bogey will be the result, however, each time I stand on the tee I feel positive and ready to attack. Very different to the previous par three hole, and adds terrific value to the golf course.

Atalaya Old Course Hole 8

Stroke Index 17 Par 5 White Tees 460m Yellow Tees 447m Blue Tees 407m Red Tees 386m

Another par five that will tempt you to be aggressive!

The tee is elevated, the fairway falling away from you looks great with its contrasting stripes. On the left is the usual tree lined rough, left of that is the 11th fairway. To the right more trees, this time denser and beyond that the 2nd.

The fairway looks long and narrow. It is an optical illusion created by the fairway stripes. There is plenty of room!

The line to take with the driver is directly at the green. Bash it with all your might if you want to challenge the green with your second shot. The shot from the fairway is slightly uphill with the green sitting at the highest point. No plateau this time which allows running shots easy access.

The green is not large. Close to the putting surface on the rear and right is the out of bounds fence, there is room to miss on the left. if you are going for it with your second shot then err on the side of caution, the mistake is going over the back. Anywhere within 15m of the green will leave you an easy up and down.

If you elect, sensibly to lay up with your second shot then watch out for the bunker on the right half of the fairway 50m short of the green, that can be a heartbreaker.

This is a cracking hole. The trip ups are clearly visible as are the routes to success.

Atalaya OldCourse Hole 9

Stroke Index 9 Par 4 White Tees 320m Yellow Tees 308m Blue Tees 290m Red Tees 273m

This 9th hole has always proved a tough one for me. I lack the finesse to master it.

This hole runs uphill and turns from left to right. The green is at the top of the hill and provides great entertainment for the folks enjoying the halfway house on its right.

The cart path winds along the right side beyond which is the line of trees and rough which separates the ninth from the first. OOB awaits if you cross the cart path.

On the left, which is where I usually go, is the 10th fairway. Plenty of room there but I find these trees desperately hard to escape from! The ideal shot if you can manage it is to put a drive aimed at the left half of the fairway shaped to curve to the right following the profile of the fairway, a good test of skill. Hitting a fade should not be that hard, most of us do it all the time albeit unintentionally. I love the idea that these golf courses test your shotmaking like this. Nothing terrible will happen if you cannot hit the shape, but something wonderful might occur if you do!

The green, sat atop the hill crest is long and narrow, requiring a precise shot to find it. Missing on the left you might find the bunker set into the bank below the putting surface, further left the first cut of rough and a difficult chip back to the green.

The right side of the green is banked, hitting the bank will assist your ball to rediscover the putting surface. The green is fast running for the back to the front.

I find this a difficult par four. JW, however, did not. A 10m fade with his driver left a 9 iron to the heart of the green, easy par. “Why do you make the game so hard?” he asked.

Atalaya Golf and Country Club Old Course Back Nine Holes

Atalaya Old Course Hole 10

Stroke Index 14 Par 4 White Tees 398m Yellow Tees 330m Blue Tees 320m Red Tees 311m

This hole tests a different skill. Shaping the drive from right to left will yield the most desirable result. However, if, like me, your shot shaping is a bit random, anything that avoids the tree line on either side will do!

The widest point of the fairway arrives 210m from the tee. If you can get the ball to this point you are in good shape. The further past that point on the fairway the easier the second shot becomes.

Amazingly JW chose this hole to miss a fairway, he looked utterly bemused as his ball found the trees on the right. Not having much experience out of the rough, his second shot hit the canopy of the tree in front of him and fell to the ground. At this point rather like a glitch in the matrix JW appeared to be stuck in the follow through position of his swing for a number of seconds as dis-beleif raged through him and his software rebooted!

From the right edge of the fairway I had 72m remaining into this very unusually shaped and tough to access green. A bunker guards the front access 30m from the green, large bunkers on the front left and right flank reduce the width of the front part of the green to a few paces, the back level of the green is 3 times larger and sits on top of a pronounced ledge making putting from the back to the front most challenging!

The target proved too small for me. From only 72m I failed to hit the green, finding the right bunker. A bogey was my reward.

This looks like a simple par four. It defeated me soundly! This is not a “tricky” hole. There is nothing tricked up about it. It is a good hole and rewards a good drive with a short iron, but also asks that you execute that short iron with a degree of skill too.

Atalaya Old Course Hole 11

Stroke Index 4 Par 5 White Tees 487m Yellow Tees 475m Blue Tees 440m Red Tees 411m

This is a delightful hole. It’s pretty from the tee box looking up the fairway, a deep luscious shade of green, broad and rolling landscape, it reminds me of the one occasion as a lad I was lucky enough to play at Wentworth.

Eucalyptus trees line the right side of the fairway forming a dense copse waiting to entangle your drive and block your view of the green. The left side is generous and open inviting you to swing freely. The tree lined rough on the left of the fairway separates this fairway from the 8th.

A large bunker sits on the right side of the fairway at 350m away. Aim to the left of this and give the ball a good hiding! You need to drive the ball at least 250m to have any chance of reaching the green with your second shot.

Beyond the first fairway bunker lies another, just 40m from the green, it is in between these two sand traps that your lay up shot needs to go, ideally to the left of them both. From this area you have 100m or less to attack the flag.

The green is circular and small. On the left the rising bank will help keep balls close to the putting surface. Beyond the top of the bank is a wall and rough area. If you miss more than 20m to the right of the green you might find the OOB boundary.

From the fairway, assuming you can hit the ball far enough, the green suckers you into having a go. The reality is that this is designed as a three shot hole, therefore there is sufficient punitive trouble around the green to make a compelling case to play safe!

This is a fabulous hole, probably my favourite hole at Atalaya Golf and Country Club.

Atalaya Old Course Hole 12

Stroke Index 12 Par3 White Tees 207m Yellow Tees 173m Blue Tees 138m Red Tees 126m

Having just proclaimed the last hole as my favourite, I must immediately reconsider. This par three is special. It has everything! Without doubt this is amongst the best par threes you will find on the Costa del Sol.

The tee shot, for me a 4 iron, requires you to fly the ball across the lake. The water does not actually come into play other than through the intimidation factor.

You need to fly the ball 135m to carry the water. The ground falls from left to right.The green is cut into the hillside with a bunker set into the bank on its right side . With another two bunker’s on line with the green between the lake’s edge and the green the scene for a mentally challenging tee shot is set.

The safety area is to aim at the left edge of the green. Most players will be hitting a big club into this green which means the ball is likely to be running low and fast. Aiming at the left edge will allow you to run it into the green. I have never succeeded in this. Many hours I have spent raking that greenside bunker on the right side!

The left of the green has a large bank which gives extra security for balls running fast on the left side. Over that bank is a very bad idea.

This green is small making it hard to hit, but, if you do, then by default you are fairly close to the hole!

I look forward to this hole each time I play here. I remain positive that one day I will master it!

Atalaya Old Course Hole 13

Stroke Index 16 Par 4 White Tees 372m Yellow Tees 328m Blue Tees 300m Red Tees 292m

This is an interesting hole. The tee is set high above the fairway with a sudden drop just after the red tee box where access to the driving range runs below. The fairway proceeds on this lower level heading back uphill and forming a curve to the left.

Eucalyptus trees line the left side, beyond them is the outstanding Peter Gustafsson Golf and Sports Academy which, of course, is OOB. The cart path runs along the right side. The ideal drive here starts at the furthest point of the cart path and will shape to the left. Anything that avoids the OOB will do!

From the fairway the green sits on a plateau 4m above you. Six metres of apron surrounding the green enlarges the target a little. This is a green that is best hit with a short iron. The onus is on hitting a great drive and again testing your skills.

The most common mistake with the second shot is leaving it short, not giving enough compensation to account for the elevation into the green. Caution – hitting more than 10m over the back edge of the green is not good – treacherous rough awaits.

A par here is satisfying.

Atalaya Old Course Hole 14

Stroke Index 2 Par 4 White Tees 355m Yellow Tees 327m Blue Tees 317m Red Tees 281m

This hole too requires a well thought out and well executed tee shot. A dog leg to the left, the fairway curves around a forest of Eucalyptus trees set on the left. The trees are too tall to fire a driver over the top, so you need to make a “Plan B”. Further complexity is added by another copse of Eucalyptus waiting for you on the right side of the hole!

The sensible shot is to play as close as you dare to the trees on the left without touching them and aim to hit 220m to have the easiest shot in. I should have hit a 3 wood. I didn’t. My drive ran out of fairway on the right leaving me in a fluffy first cut rough making it difficult to get a good contact on my wedge onto the green. From 90m it came up short. A three wood would have left me in the fairway with 115m and a much easier shot into the green.

A pair of bunkers sit on the left half and centre of the fairway 60m from the green, a large bunker is cut into the banking below the greenside on the right. The only way to access the green is with a lofted club. The green has a complex topography which requires total focus.

This is another hole that I find difficult to par.

Atalaya Old Course Hole 15

Stroke Index 8 Par 4 White Tees 336m Yellow Tees 321m Blue Tees 306m Red Tees 269m

For the mighty amongst us this hole is driveable. For the meek too it is a scoring hole. This hole is very well set up and gives you two clear strategies. If you choose to ignore both of the obvious choices then this innocuous hole will bite you in the back side!

The dominant thing that grabs your attention on the tee is the netting running along the OOB on the left. Then your eye is drawn to a pair of bunkers that dissect the fairway across its midpoint, thirdly you are aware of the Eucalyptus trees and copious shrubbery on the right and finally the green comes into view.

I stood on the tee with the visual information on board, allowed my cogs to grind away and arrived at a plan with which I would vanquish this hole. I made a Daley-esque backswing and launched myself at the ball taking a line directly at the flag. Whilst courageous it proved fool hardy as those Eucalyptus trees simply do not allow golf balls to pass, either above or through. All that spent energy resulted in my drive finishing among the shrubs right and short of the green.

With the same information JW arrived at a different solution. He aimed at the left edge of the green, well clear of the treeson the right, popped it over the bunkers in the fairway and left himself 60m unobstructed into the plateau green below him.

The two options for success here are to lay up short of the cross bunkers aiming well to the left and leave a 160m to the green, or take a line over the closest bunker and fire it over the trap and watch it run down the hill. The big hitters can get some good bounces and reach the green on this line. If you get a decent drive the hole is willing to reward you. If, like me, you make an error, then expect a bogey at best!

Atalaya Old Course Hole 16

Stroke Index 18 Par 3 White Tees 145m Yellow Tees 135m Blue Tees 130m Red Tees 123m

JW loves this hole. For him it’s a natural 7 iron. He stood up to the ball and hit it as sweetly as he knew how, sure in the knowledge that it would not go over the back where the OOB lurks immediately beyond the fringe.

The green is 60m wide from the left to right edges but at 6m deep at its narrowest point it is dangerously shallow.The widest parts of the green are on either side giving the green an “hourglass” shape. If your distance control is not as accurate as JW then prudence suggests you aim for one side or the other. Beware the green has a steep step run across the shallowest point . The left half of the green is 1.5m above the right. Do not leave yourself above the cup!

Atalaya Old Course Hole 17

Stroke Index 6 Par 5 White Tees 518m Yellow Tee 505m Blue Tees 470m Red Tees 433m

The final par 5 and every bit as good as the others. This hole has been a jinx for me. My hook is very attracted to OOB fences located on the left side of any given hole. On this par five where a mighty poke with the driver is a help I am almost certain to hook it into the rough on the left. Only the towering trees stop it from jumping over the fence!

The best drive will occupy the airspace over the right half of the fairway giving a much easier second shot. The numbers on the tee box suggest that the green might be in range with two shots, however, for me the risk / reward ratio firmly says “play it as a three shot hole”. The OOB is close to the green on its left. Firing in a three wood from 240m with only 20m room on the left is not something I find appetising!

The right side is tree lined for the entire length of the hole. Whilst in no way narrow, there is sufficient constriction to encourage discretion over valour.

A fairway bunker is perfectly located 100m from the green in the heart of the fairway which forces you to decide whether to lay up short of it or try to carry it with your lay up shot. Playing short makes the second shot easier but the shot into the green harder and reduces your chances for birdie. Clever design from Herr von Limburger. The green is small and angled in such a way that the front right is the easiest part to hit, the back left far closer to the OOB and therefore much more difficult to attack pins located there.

A delightful hole.

Atalaya Old Course Hole 18

Stroke Index 10 Par 4 White Tees 310mYellow Tees 300m Blue Tees 282m Red Tees 261m

They say that the great God of golf always gives even the most downtrodden hackers one good shot per round to keep them coming back. Praise the Lord, I got mine on this tee. For me hitting a fade is difficult, I have a problem with my LOFT -. This hole demands a shot shape moving from left to right.

High on the left is a stone wall, above which is the Atalaya Aparta Golf building. The fairway is steeply canted from the high left to the low right meaning that all drives will run to the right and ultimately towards the internal out of bounds waiting for you 20m below the fairway.

The fairway is also a crescent shape arcing to the right. A straight drive over the corner of the dogleg directly at the green will bounce to the right and finish OOB. A straight drive at the stone wall on the left might be ok, or it might fly over the wall depending upon how close it is to the dog leg. A high fade is the shot of the day aimed confidently at the stone wall, landing softly in the first cut high on the left and bouncing down into the fairway. I nailed it! 40m left to the green after my miracle drive! Obviously JW found the fairway too, he always does.

The green is cut into the bank, narrow in beam and long in depth. The high banking on the left is a good target to be sure of finding safety. Missing on the right will leave you in the greenside bunker set in the back or below it with a very difficult chip.

A challenging hole to finish on!

Atalaya Golf and Country Club Old Course Playing Guide and Review Costa del Sol Andalusia Malaga Estepona


Atalaya Golf and Country Club, situated close to Marbella, Benhavis and Estepona is in my view amongst the best facilities on the Costa del Sol. They have a strong membership of more than 30 nationalities, probably the best equipped driving range anywhere on the Costa del Sol. The golf courses are always well presented and welcome visiting players and societies from all over the world.

The Old Course at Atalaya Golf and Country Club is superb. It is a thoughtful design that has matured and been polished over nearly six decades into a jewel. There are plenty of wonderful golf hotels around Marbella as well, that contribute to a perfect golf holiday here.

Atalaya Golf and Country Club Old Course asks you to pit your skills against it. From each tee the golf course tells you where the ideal drive should go, tells you where not to go and lets you make your best effort. This is a deeply satisfying golf course and a very positive experience.

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